The NRM government undressed by the COVID-19 pandemic

It is only through these measures that we shall in a long run protect our economy, preserve our democracy and sustain the NRM revolution” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (18.06.2021)

After 12 days into the first 42 days lockdown. The President has added another additional 42 days to the original lockdown. What is striking is that the government, the ministries and the whole apparatus haven’t been prepared for another coronavirus wave.

The state never really invested the COVID-19 loans of last year in 2020. The state didn’t value funds for the Ministry of Health. That’s why the Health Care workers have been protesting and lacked basic wages. They haven’t even gotten proper hazard pay for working in the middle of a pandemic.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and its President has no issues with taking out COVID-19 loans from Multi-National Organizations like World Bank and International Monetary Funds (IMF). That has been done and expect more loans to come the way of the Government of Uganda.

This doesn’t mean there will be created more ICU beds, bought more PPE or ventilators. Neither will the production of oxygen or other things happen. The President have promised last year to have a herbal remedy against the virus. Which still to this day haven’t come into production or gotten for sale. As the COVIDEX is still an unlicensed sold remedy, which haven’t been tested and proven to have any sort of healing agents towards the coronavirus. Therefore, people should be careful with what they are buying and taking. Ass it should be pharmaceutical tested and have been scientific approved. Until then, follow simple guidelines and take of each other. That’s the best we can do.

However, the state has failed its citizens. As they haven’t invested, ensured or secured running hospitals. Neither has it enough nurses, specialised beds and even ambulances. As people have to use boda-boda’s to get to hospital. As there are not enough vehicles in connections to the health care facilities. Neither is there enough import of medicine, vaccines or anything else. That’s because the government didn’t priorities this.

The NRM haven’t just mismanaged and depleted the Ministry of Health. No, they have not acted during the global pandemic, but instead taken the “free” money and spent it on side-dishes. Because, the hospitals isn’t better off or been developed to the needs of the Republic. It is not prepared or have the staffing to compete the levels of ill people. That says a lot.

This is all happening because the Ministry of Health and all of their Hospitals/Health Centres hasn’t been a priority. That’s why its easy to have another lockdown, as that ceases some transmission and possible further outbreak of the virus. However, plenty will be starving and lack means to earn the coins for the daily bread. They are barred from leaving their homes without any government subsidizes and programs helping them. It is just like later will come “government packages” of food and basic commodities. When the outcry becomes to huge.

The NRM is just showing their inept actions towards this. Just like the President have promised radios, tv’s and better services to the general public. Now, there are so many who will struggle and lack their needs. While the state didn’t prepare for this wave either. It is becoming worse and people is dying because of it. The virus and the new “strains” are more able to transmit and make more people sick. While the state was ignoring this for whatever reasons they saw fit.

The state could have done more and they had the time. They have seen how this has affected elsewhere. The amount of deaths now coming in and the amount of people catching the virus. Says it all. While the state is awaiting for hand-outs and possible aid from elsewhere. The state have taken out loans, but not spent on the necessities. We can wonder if the state has bought more V8s for the new ministers and members of parliament. Instead of importing whatever possible vaccines, ventilators, oxygen production equipment and other needed PPE products. Therefore, the state should be a bit humble.

However, the President is never humble or taking accountability. He just throw other people under the bus. Just like he did yesterday, but he himself haven’t made it possible for his Ministers to win. He isn’t prioritizing this and haven’t done it for years. That’s why there is such a lack of beds and places to seek remedy.

That’s why the President who has been running the Republic for 35 years has accepted the VIPs and Elites ability to seek health abroad and be medical tourists, because the high ranking officials know the system been dilapidating. It hasn’t been working and they have moved-on.

This is why… you shouldn’t expect magic in the days ahead. All of this is tragic and it’s desperate times. Not only for the families scorn by COVID-19 and the mutated viruses. All of the families who are trying to find help and treatment for their loved ones. They cannot find that or afford it, because the state has failed them.

The 42 days lockdown is the last resort. However, it will pain and cause more suffering too. Since the state haven’t secured the ones whose living hand to mouth. They are only issuing orders and directives helping tourists to get to view the Republic during the lockdown. While the ones who trade on the daily basis is blocked from doing their work. Therefore, so many people are hurting and their pockets are as well. Not only the closure of bars and other businesses. It is peasants and poor who will be hit and they have no safety-net, which the state haven’t prepared for them. That is what is devastating here…

The state and the President have to find new measures and programs. They have to use the previously borrowed money and cover the basics for people who has been barred to do their jobs. It not like everyone can be in home-office and wait this month and a half out. That will not be easy. It will be hard and we cannot imagine the struggle of so many in the Republic.

Yes, this current wave is dangerous. Yes, the new mutated virus is causing harm on new levels and ability to spread more than before. The state can re-issue orders and lockdowns, but it should also do more to secure that the people is eating. That they have clean water and electricity as well. This is just showing how the state is lacking in 2021.

The President will blame others, but his the Head of State and been so for decades. He could have ordered and directed, gotten the funding and ensured the basics. However, that hasn’t kept his political life at bay or kept the state captive under his reign. That’s been what his life work is and not securing the future of the general public. That is only a an empty, which he has delivered so many of over the years. Therefore, today isn’t a reckoning, but a proof of his inept and lacking government.

Which only survives on handouts. Just like the peasant peers who are struggling too. This is because, his government never used their time or their funds to do the commoners any good. It had the time in peace to be better prepared, but it preferred to do other schemes and looting. Instead of building up proper institutions who could be up to the challenge of a pandemic. Peace.

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