Ethiopia: Abiy’s point of no return

There is an upcoming election and its just a scheduled affair, where everything is prepared for the already cooked result. The Prosperity Party and their allies will have the majority. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali will be crowned king and be the ring leader of the ‘Medemer Terror’. While he will be guided and follow-up with his “master” in Asmara.

Addis Ababa and Asmara are now close allies. The are brothers of war. Asmara and President Isaias Afewerki have gotten a bargain and become a bigger man in the Horn of Africa. The peace agreement have turned in to mutual agreement of war.

Both of them have the same enemies. That’s why it’s fitting to burn the Tigray Region and go after the Oromo Opposition. These are both groups and members of a government, which Afewerki have despised for years. This is why both states are happy to send soldiers, para-military groups and the authorities to cause havoc. To generate a major war and profiting of the merciless destruction of these regions.

That’s why the leaders of Addis and Asmara is happy about this. They are smearing anyone who oppose them or speaks ill of their campaigns. They are accepting that Djibouti is interfering in Afar region. The governments are accepting the interference of armies involved in civilian spats. This is all a measure to secure power and consolidate it. That is all it is and they don’t care about the consequences for the civilians.

The PP and Abiy will win this election. We know its not a real one. The ones who can challenge or run a real threat are either behind bars or not able to run a campaign. Abiy won’t have dialogue with anyone. He will just assault, get rid off and silence the ones in his path. The Prime Minister only made friends and allies with Afewerki and Farmaajo to boost his military might. That wasn’t done to cause peace or make a better future for the Horn of Africa. How can you believe that now? 

With the forced starvation, the horrific warfare in Tigray and the other conflicts in the Republic. Where the state has no issues to silence, kill and detain the ones who are in their way. Where everyone are either branded as terrorists or a danger too society. The Republic and the state does that with the help of Eritrean soldiers and Amhara para-military militia members. The state has no issues to use violence and destroy their own citizens lives. That’s what’s happening… while the same state calls others for terrorists and criminals.

Prime Minister Abiy will the election this year. The PP will have their field-day and the ones who are cooperating with them will have their representation too. Though the opposition and the “enemies” of the state will never get a ability to even say a word.

The ones who the Prime Minister fears and the ones challenge him will be gone. One way or the other. The state doesn’t value you or your existence. You are not supposed to be there, unless you praise and loves the Prime Minister and all of his works. That’s how things are these days and how tragic everything has turned.

The world needs to shed light on the darkness happening not only in Tigray. Which has become genocidal and know that the state have promised similar things in Oromia. Therefore, don’t be shocked, if the state takes things further.

Ethiopia will not prevail under his reign, but the Republic will burn and his blind supporters will sing his praises until the demise is happening to them. Peace.

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