Opinion: The New Rory and Mal Podcast is a Breath of Fresh Air

The New Rory and Mal Podcast which was released on the 14th June 2021 after the ousting of the same fellows from the Joe Budden Podcast. The firing on air happened on the 12th May 2021. Since then two former Co-Hosts had to find their own way and now has officially started their own venture(!).

I listen today and it was refreshing. It was cool and reflected. No drama, no additional noise and no egos. There was two buddies and hosts who respected each other. They spoke their peace and had a good time.

It is the sort of podcast that reflects on Hip Hop, but also on their lives. Their character get out and they dive deep. There is no additional overreach or one man’s ego running rampant. Neither, is there shouting or personal drama. No, it was just two men chilling and speaking their peace. That’s all there is and needs to be.

This really shows what Joe Budden lost. He lost two Co-Host who can carry this on his own. The two people he wanted to control and have it easy with. Like these two couldn’t carry their own weight and do it. Because, everyone needs Budden and his approval. At least how DJ Akademiks sees it and his salty retorts their way.

Rory and Mal seems to be in a good space. They seem to be ready for this and the new chapter in their careers. Where they can handle it and take care of business. Where they don’t need to await their turn and if Budden has it covered. The Network is allowing or ensuring them a pay-check.

It seems like they have the space and ability to move. That’s because people jumps from the JBP to the RMP. That’s Joe’s fault actually. Instead of handling in a proper fashion and in a professional way. Joe could have salvaged something and even insisted on them staying. However, with firing them and doing it publicly.

He has not only lost his two known and respected co-hosts, but also destroyed the podcast for many. Now, these two reminds of a calm and collected podcast. Without the interruptions, the renegade moments, the brash noises and the sudden screaming of Joe. No, you can handle yourself and be mature. Still have people listening to the conservation and move on. That is possible and its refreshing.

This was just the first episode. The New Rory and Mal Podcast have potential. It has an edge and character. Which has made a guy like me unsubscribe from the Joe Budden Podcast and subscribe to the New Rory and Mal. That’s because their format is more chill and still give a good vibe. Which a brother need in the day to day. I hope they does this on a regular and on schedule. So, you know when to listen in. That’s only my hope. They got to carry this and cannot phone this in.

That’s why I am looking forward to episode two and hope these good interactions continues. We need this and the positivity. Just like we need the ‘The Company Man’, the HipHopDX’s ‘The Breakdown’ with Murs and Dead End Hip Hop Reviews. All of these shows adds to the culture and the conversations we already have. Peace.

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