Opinion: Museveni please carry your own cross

When Jesus started his movement, there were intellectuals like the Pharisees. But, Jesus went for the fishermen. So, when you see my [Cabinet] list, know that I am in the path of Jesus” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (10.06.2021)

If President is on the path of Jesus. He better start following him too. Not only live a lavish of selfish interests. Jesus didn’t care about wealth or enrichment. He was even telling in his speeches, that it was the hardest for the ones with wealth to get to heaven. Therefore, if Museveni is on the path of Christ. He should donate and give up his estates, wealth and all his earthly possessions.

However, Jesus isn’t a killer either. His the saviour and the one who died for all of mankind’s sin. He worked to make life better and be the way to heaven. The President is the ones that takes life, misuse his office and corrupts his fellow peers. It is not like his a forgiving man. No, he rebukes, attacks and wants to crush his enemies. That is not life of Jesus.

So, there is so much evidence that Museveni isn’t on the path of Christ. There is no proof of a salvation or a saving grace. This old man doesn’t even give people mercy or relief. He is a crook and a charlatan. To be clear, Museveni is the false prophets and the ones the bible warns about. The type that comes in sheep’s clothing, but is a wolf. That’s the sort of man Museveni is…

Museveni isn’t on the path of Christ. His a lying man and not speaking the truth. The Pharisees wanted to get rid of Jesus and was worried about his standing. As people gathered to listen to the wisdom and the teachings of Jesus. That’s why they looked for any reason to crucify him. Which in the end they we’re able too.

This is why Jesus carried the cross and died for mankind. Which is the ultimate sacrifice. Take a life to give life to others. Museveni isn’t even making sure hospitals are furnished, nurses paid, doctors in order and equipment to function properly. That is to use the state to help people in need and affordable health-care. However, the President is preoccupied finding the next get-rich-scheme for him and his associates. That’s not the life of Christ. No, that’s the life of a crook and a liar.

Museveni and his kind is a false prophet. He maybe have picked some fishermen to his cabinet. Though, he does it for his selfish interests and not for the betterment of the Republic. That ship has sailed. Just like the false liberation of the Republic has been in force for so long now.

If he wants to follow Jesus. Museveni should start to carry his cross. He should seek redemption and take responsibility for his heinous acts over the years. The President should worry about hell and the possible punishment for his sins. Museveni should beg for forgiveness to the public, to God and stop using Jesus.

Museveni isn’t a noble man, neither is a righteous man. His a tyrant and a warlord. The President has ordered death and destruction upon others. To stay in power and consolidate power. That’s who he is and his conning at doing it too.

That is not the life of a man who is there to save and give hope. That is the life of greed and envy. He is using his office for his own pockets and not to help others. The others his helping is just to further his pay-off or get a envelope later. There is nothing holy about that.

So, please Museveni carry your own cross. It is your turn. Peace.

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