Burkina Faso: President Kaboré has created his own Special Forces

In Burkina Faso, President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré on the 2nd June 2021 there was created a Special Forces (Forces spéciales (FS)). Their employment is directly under Kaboré control. They are supposed to support “strategic objectives” but their mission is classified.

This is a way to have a specialized trained unit that the President can order directly. Initially having a operational Presidential Guards or militia to do the favours or fulfil the possibly needs of the President.

It is not new for a President to have Special Forces. Kaboré isn’t inventing the wheel or anything. His just following a trend and has a “private” army at their disposal. With this sort of move the President has something very useful and powerful with just a snap of the fingers.

Especially, considering their missions are classified. That means only the President and a few anointed individuals can know what it is doing and for what reasons. There will not any accountability or transparency in their supposed efforts.

Kaboré now has his own guns… he has an small unit of undisclosed size or possibilities. As it is just created and there wasn’t a measure of how big or what sort of structure it will have. We don’t know how many who will be deployed or be part of the Special Forces. But no matter what… it is still a classified unit run by the President.

That says a lot and gives him vast power. Where he has trained soldiers and possibly special trained soldiers, which can do harm and also do the bidding of the President. That wouldn’t be shocking and this can be used when in need.

People should be worried about this. Not only that its a Special Force, but that its mission is classified. This gives the President all the freedoms of the world and no accountability for the acts it does.

Kaboré what’s your game and why is their missions hidden? Peace.

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