Opinion: Ex-VP Ssekandi will lavish in retirement

The retirement benefits of a Vice President include;

– A monthly pension equivalent to 60% of the VP’s gross salary

– A house purchase fund equivalent to 15,000 currency points (UGX 300 million)

– Two government paid security guards

– An allowance equivalent to 35 currency points (UGX 700,000) for their utilities (electricity, telephone, water)

– A chauffeur-driven car for town running with one county home trip once a month

– Medical care for the retired VP and his or her immediate family.

– Secretary (senior personal secretary)

– Two domestic staff.

– An allowance of 500 currency points (UGX 10million) for furniture.

– Further allowance of 250 currency points (UGX 5 million) to replace old furniture every 5 years” (NTV Uganda, 11.06.2021).

There been a long time a running joke that the Vice-President of Uganda is useless. Clearly it is a enriching enterprise and you can live lavish after the end of your term. It is a profitable job and appointment you could dream of.

Because, the years as the Deputy is clearly a nice pay-off. A safe investment and you can live with massive perks afterwards. You are maybe the butt of the joke for while. Being useless and the master of ceremonies.

However, after all of that. You get a good salary, a house, security and living the life of a VIP. The former VP can still live like his a high ranking official. He even get domestic staff to prepare his speeches and statements. They got to order his Chicken-Inn and fix his supper on time.

Former Vice-President Edward Ssekandi can live like a king or a high ranking official without any title. Just because he used to be the VP. He is getting all of this as a thank-you for having no initial ambition to takeover from Museveni. That’s why his getting these grand retirement plan.

If people only knew before. There would be more people signing up to this gig. There would be more candidates in the General Elections seeking to become this. They would have a chill job. Showing up to greet the President and attend burials as the state representative. That is such a great way of earning fortunes and getting secured for life.

Ex-VP Ssekandi will enjoy these perks for life. Just the other VP’s in the past. He will get this and get a retirement that really is hard to match. It seems like he can live like VIP and Special Envoy even when his not working for the state anymore.

There should be direct elections for this position and not be appointed by the President. The public deserve to pick the candidate directly themselves like they does elsewhere. If not have joint tickets in the General Elections. As the people deserves to know who they are giving this wealth too. They deserve this and that would have been sincere.

It is really rich of a Republic who is broke and borrowing funds to cover its expenses are doing this to its previous High Ranking Officials like the Ex-VP. The MPs and others are also getting a nice send-off as well. These folks have secured the bag and there is no doubt in that. They have voted and secured nice deals for themselves. That is a reality. Not only the VP, but other Honourables like the ex-VP. Peace.

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