Opinion: Museveni’s magic number is now 80

President Museveni has proposed to the NRM Caucus to introduce one more position for Minister of State to bring the total number of Ministers from 79 to 80. Motion passed by the caucus” (NBS Television, 07.06.2021).

A man with such a big entourage, amount of cronies and own high ranking officials. Are now extending this… by just one more person, but it is still ghastly how big the cabinet have become. The cabinet for the 11th Parliament will be 80, instead of 79. 79 was already ridiculous and to big to remember all the names. You cannot even remember all the titles or the Ministers itself

With this sort of big cabinet you need to Google it to even find the right one. You will remember a few and the ones who are inheriting their position from previous terms. This is like the Ministry of Finance and Development and Economic Development (MoFPED). Who has been the same fella for ages. Just like you cannot forget who is appointed as the Chairman to the Bank of Uganda. They have been there forever. The same can be said of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, there will be some things, which will not be surprising in the grand schemes of things.

Nevertheless, expect new faces and some from the opposition. If Museveni gets his way. He will try to pick someone from Democratic Party (DP), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and even Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). That will be his dream to make it like a “unity” government, but they are all his loyal subject in cabinet and they are there because of him. That’s the grand scheme of things. The ones his appointing have already been favourable and hunting for relevancy around the President, but this will be the nail in the coffin.

It is really striking after the biggest gerrymandering effort in living memory. After boosting the parliament with such a grand amount of Members of Parliament. Where you have created a surplus of MPs and lack of space for them. Where the state have to rent expensive locations as offices and the plenary sessions cannot even be in the August House anymore. Because it is to small of house and it lacks space for them all.

At this point and time. You are adding additional Ministers. Just like the President have been adding Presidential Advisors and Appointees in the State House. He has so many people in his ear and on his payroll. That he is the biggest entrepreneur of the Republic. The personification of the state is hiring more people than his ever firing. His adding and adding without getting more revenue. That is how to run things to the ground and bankrupt.

There is no-one with a bright mind saying that 80 Ministers is a healthy cabinet. There isn’t even that many ministries or possible portfolios to operate. You have to create an issue out of thin-air and also create so small mandates and offices, which will make plenty of them redundant. They will just sign of the will of the state and catch the check before calling it a day. That is the blunt reality of it all.

The 80 Ministers cabinet is a mind-numbing and an expense that only serves the loyalist of the President. This will be another huge post on the budgets in the years to come. Just like the price of the all the MPs and their allowances. This is clearly an expenditure the state cannot afford, but is pending to pay.

Museveni is crippling the state. Little by little. Choice after choice. Soon there is no end to the greed. Soon there is no to new ways of sucking funds from the reserves and eat. Because, it is empty and nobody will lend the state a hand. Peace.

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