Opinion: The NUP needs to set their priorities straight [and not just aim at the King but also his court]

Last week’s elections for speaker and deputy speaker in Kampala division councils saw many from the National Unity Platform NUP win. In Makindye and Rubaga, the story was very different. NUP says it will investigate what could have cost them the speakership vote in these councils” (NTV Uganda, 04.06.2021).

The National Unity Platform (NUP) needs a reality check and it needs to be written on the wall. This comes after the news of voting for National Resistance Movement (NRM) speakers in Kampala. While the Jinja NUP Mayor have appointed NRM councillors too.

The NUP should read upon the fall of Omar Al-Bashir in Sudan and Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Both these lessons should be warning to the new party. That got such a big standing and mandate across the Republic in the last General Election. The NUP have the ability to make a difference, but by voting in speakers and other offices to the NRM. They are just prolonging the programming of the state. While they are token servants to it.

Let’s be clear here. The NRM are Musveni. Museveni is the NRM. To think about it differently is naive and very foolish. Museveni is the personification of the state and breeds the NRM party. He is the pulse and the heartbeat. Only a naive sucker would think otherwise in 2021. That’s why its infuriating and foolish to see the NUP voting in NRM people in offices. This is just dumb.

You cannot remove a dictator by giving way and giving titles to his servants. Are you kidding me? You cannot get rid of the dictators power and his ability to control by giving away roles, offices and titles to the NRM. Then you are serving the purpose of multi-party democracy and being stooges. You are making yourself a mockery of a selective outrage.

You are aiming at the king, but not looking at his court. You are not taking into consideration, all the people that serves and does the bidding of the King. You think that by getting rid of the king, the Kingdom will cease to exist?

Mugabe got toppled, but the ZANU-PF is as vicious as it was under him. President Mnangagwa haven’t changed things. The dictatorship is alive and kicking-it in Zimbabwe. The state isn’t any better and the human rights violations is as rampant under him. Than it was under Mugabe. So, by me saying this… is that if NRM continues after Museveni. Don’t expect it to be any better.

Yes, you got rid of the head, but the machinery is still there. The NRM is still serving for the same purpose and for a new head. The crown and the principal controls of the state will still linger on. Museveni is just the dictator, but all of his henchmen will still persist and they know the drill. Therefore, the NUP giving way to the NRM is ignorant and not a working strategy.

Does the NUP wants a 2nd Republic like Zimbabwe? I don’t think so. The NUP should take a call to Harare and talk to Chamisa. Maybe get some words of wisdom. I doubt it is what they want to hear, but the reality is still here.

The NUP needs to get their priorities in order. If you are removing a dictator. You cannot only look at him, but the whole system built around him. Unless, you want to be tormented by the ones coming after him. Because, these fellas has a unit behind them doing their dirty work and they will find a safe-haven after the inevitable fall. That’s why the NUP should give way or consider working so close to the NRM.

Because, then there is no difference between them and the dictator they seek to uproot. Peace.

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