Ethiopia: KQ-WGU – To achieve the goal of Oromo freedom struggle, the struggle must be strengthened! (06.06.2021)

The organizer committee of the people’s sea (KQ-WGU)
In recent times, the political demonstration that can change the African people’s political participation has become clear for the relatives and enemies. Up to this day, the political participation of Oromo children blood and the soul of Oromo children, even if the system of fascist and dictator three are demolished, do not confirm the rights of Oromo’s land. This is also the reason why strong mankind is being owned by ethics, more power and lack of diplomacy, we have reached today. In this time of speech, the world is sharing the same information and dealing with technology has created a big struggle for Oromo freedom. This is how the enemy entered into a big shock, the strategy to cover Oromo was to destroy Oromo as a nation, destroying Oromia as a country and being Oromo was to break the mind of Oromo.
Thanks to our youths who have given their sweat, blood, bones and soul of Oromo freedom struggle, the plan of enemy has failed. Oromo people are fighting against each other so that they don’t lose their weapon, they are fighting against Oromia and standing guarding each other so that Oromo won’t be lost. In this way, the program of Neftegna’s messenger of PP and ABO-OLF is going on in Oromia. PP is begging Eritrea for the help of Eritrea soldiers in Oromia and killing and robbing our people. Oromo can’t stop seeing this way but death and prison.
The power of Ertrea and PP are taking place in Oromia, this force is in south Oromia; Guji, west Oromia; Wollo Guduru, North Oromia; Wallo Kamise and Central Oromia; North Shoa and Finfine. It is possible to understand that PP has passed the power of Eritrea and Fascist Dergi supporters are begging for the Russian and China to support the PP’s demonstration in Addis Ababa. PP is selling the power of individuals and their own people for the sake of the country, the wealth of the country and the people.
By the way, they are showing the power of the western forces like USA and Europe PP to solve the problem in Ethiopia. The big reason they told them is because human right is because the conflict between the people and the government. In many places in Oromia, it is possible to learn from the lack of ear to get enough of human rights, leading bitter fights and shouting to the world that the world will help you, and also learning from it can make a big move and impact. The action taken by America and Europe has never been seen in history. Today criminals government officials of Eritrea and Ethiopia are banned from moving around the world, they don’t have economic support and buy weapons. Sacrifice and shouting are getting people ears.
Therefore, Oromo is leading strong protest, denying the enemy movement has no other solution than giving his freedom. Oromo has seen for three rounds that a big weapon is a weapon that is used to destroy dictatorship. It is still important to move to the world’s eyes and ears in Ethiopia. Because it’s shown on the following points:
1. Supporting and teaching each other in USA and Europe, in many places and buildings. Taking pictures and posting on fb and social media. For example, it’s not good. ′′ We respect the dictionary of USA and EU on Ethiopia NATO and security council should save the life of children and women We Love OLA ′′ and etc.
2. In 2., waiting for a big leader to be born, it is a horse to block the high roads of Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, ours and Eritrea, and Eritrean to enter the country, and to block all the entrance of Finfine.
3. PPI is the one who is in the city and moving cars are spying on the people, all the armed forces in Oromia need to put fire on the road.
4. Protecting Oromo’s wealth at home makes the enemy to destroy Oromo, weak and weak. A person carrying a gun has no life but food, to shoot your body; water, milk, butter, milk and honey is a crime. Especially in PPN cities, it must be mandatory to cut water and damage.
5. The children of Oromo and the oppressed people are in the form of enemy, their relative and their fate as the wrong work of the people, even the highest crime of PP, Ertrea and Amhara special force Standing beside the people who make history by protesting and killing their guns and encouraging the people. If you don’t have to do this but it’s important to remind you that they are doing the worst crime and the time to be responsible is not far.
6. The army of PP is being carried out in Oromia region of Oromia so our people must protect Oromia border.
PP is a party that doesn’t know the law, who is killing the people because of lack of public support and jealousy. This party is killing Oromo children and oppression. The way the world is in this world is not stopping killing PPN from killing the people. So, the only way to take OLF’s call is to take part from the people of June 8, 2021 If this party is buried like this, it is impossible to give birth to the people rather than the Oromo Liberation Front. Death and wall cannot stand on the people.
Let the truth come back to the father!
To reach QBO is a horse, strengthening the hard work!
Victory for Oromo people!
June 6, 2021

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