Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – Eritrean Army is terrorising and brutally persecuting civilians in Borena Zone of Oromia (05.06.2021)

According to the information received today from local residents, Eritrea Army and Ethiopian Defence Force in collaboration are carrying out brutal atrocities on civilians in three woredas of Borena zone including Liban, Gumii Eeldallo and Negelle towns.
According to the testimony we received from the residents in the area, yesterday (June 4, 2021), a large number of Eritrean Soldiers in Ethiopian Defence Force uniforms arrived by helicopters in Liban district of Borena in the early morning and invaded the city and surrounding areas. The residents told us that these soldiers cannot speak Oromo language at all and only few of them could speak broken Amharic.
Immediately they arrived, these foreign troops started harassing herders and other civilians in the region and also deployed to other nearby cities of Eldello and Negelle Borena for the same atrocities. They are confiscating individual mobile phones, cash and looting private belongings from local civilians.
It is to remembered that last week the same atrocities were undertaken on civilians in western Oromia region of Abay Chomen by Eritrean soldiers.
We would you like to inform the Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz citizens that these evil acts of foreign Eritrean soldiers is increasing from time to time and the Ethiopian ruling group and Eritrean regime are planning to undertake full scale war in these regions and would advise you to organise and defend yourselves.
We also would like to inform the international community that the continued involvement of Eritrean forces and redeployment of these forces from the Tigray for operation in Oromia and Benishangul regions are serious security threat and catastrophic move to the peace and security in the region.
We appeal to International community, AU and UN bodies to denounce Eritrean involvement in Ethiopia internal affairs and give serious attention to this matter as it is causing imminent danger to civilians and will cause the loss of thousands of civilian lives in these areas.

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