Opinion: Ethiopia have a dream of the Red Sea

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dina Mufti stressed today that Ethiopia is planning to build a military base by the red sea. Since there are several nations who are interested in controlling the region.

In 2018 the Addis Ababa government planned to relaunch a Navy. The landlocked nation planned to have vessels and ships on the ocean fighting wars at sea. However, there has happened a lot since then.

The Prosperity Party, the Federal Government of Ethiopia have gotten closer and is more tied together with Eritrea. The government of Eritrea is already very invested in the conflicts inside Ethiopia. Their armies are fighting the civil wars of Ethiopia. So, in this regard, the relations between leaders are close too. They are listening to each other and doing each others bidding.

So, Addis Ababa would be served well to have a port or a navy base in Eritrea. As it would cost less than having it in Djibouti. Where it is already crowded with American and Chinese bases. In Somalia there been deals of ports and trading points, but not of directly warfare. Secondly, the navy base would be either towards the Indian Ocean or the Gulf of Aden and not the Red Sea.

That would be easier to achieve with a brother who is fighting wars together with. The burning of Oromia and Tigray is already a collective run enterprise. So, the Ethio-Eritrean partnership is already paying off and their enemies fought together. Now they can also expand and get to conquer new terrain. This time show itself as a viable force on the sea.

In early May 2021, the Chief of Staff Gen. Berhanu Jula launched the logo and uniform of the newly created navy. Now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June is stating the plans of navy base. The movement shows that they are entail to further associate itself with Eritrea and use their coastal land to build this. As it seems less feasible to build it in Somalia at this current point of time.

It is really showing blind ambitions by the leadership of Addis Ababa. That they are willing to use money, power and efforts to build a navy now. At a time it is busy with internal conflicts. Where millions are hurt, starving and lacking basic commodities. The government together with allies are scheming to build a vessels and a navy base elsewhere. They are putting the trust in Asmara and others to handle it with care.

The Ethiopian leadership is clearly aiming big. However, that isn’t new, as it wasn’t long ago. The Prime Minister promised technology to control “rain” and where it would “drizzle water” from the sky. So, this wouldn’t be as epic, but still a large enterprise. Which will cost fortunes and could easily bankrupt anyone.

The Prosperity Party clearly see no grounds or no reasons to stop their expansions. This being done without any precautions and just on a whim. While they still have to tackle the internal bloodshed, lack of foreign support and a more hostile neighbourhood. That’s because the leaders of the Ethio-Eritrean alliance is willing to let people die in-front of their eyes. The leadership is willing to let their own die without any consequence.

The idea of taking the red sea only shows the imperial drive of the alliance and their associates. They are willing to bury their own and bash itself in glory elsewhere. That’s the tragedy here.

This vessel shouldn’t leave port, but don’t be shocked if does. The Ethiopian government already have a logo and uniform made for it. That they had without even having a place to set sail. Peace.

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