Opinion: POA is showing FDC’s arrogance

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the Forum for Democratic Change president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has offered to provide guidance to the National Unity Platform, based on the experience they have, as they take up leadership of the opposition in parliament. Speaking in Gulu, Amuriat also noted that the failure by NUP to appoint some of the FDC leaders with good leadership credentials citing Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and Nathan Nandala Mafabi, was a bold move on the part of the National Unity Platform” (NTV Uganda, 30.05.2021).

On the 28th May 2021 the National Unity Platform revealed their Shadow Cabinet in the 11th Parliament. The first of the NUP as the Leaders of Opposition in Parliament. That’s has its merits and it’s questions.

The former Presidential Candidate of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) is now throwing shade against the appointments of the NUP. Yes, the FDC had added other opposition parties in their two recent shadow cabinets in 2011 and 2016. That is their prerogative and their decision to make.

However, the FDC has been on a war-path. They have used every single turn to assault and go after the NUP. There been no single day or moment… where there haven’t been headlines or snide comments toward the leadership of the NUP. This being from the gentlemen that the FDC wants to have in the shadow cabinet. The ones who has gone after the NUPs decision in general.

How does POA expect this to work? Talking all sort of shit and one of them even called the NUP snakes? Nandala-Mafabi said the NUP was working in the day against the NUP and in the evening seeking meal-tickets at the State House in the evening. How do you work with a gentlemen like that? Ssemujju Nganda have also been bruised and insinuating things as well… so why do they want to kiss and make-up now?

I don’t get it. The FDC supporters calling NUP amateurs and such too. While thinking the NUP should just give way. When the snide comments and the “disciplined” party supposed to be forgiven. What’s with the entitlement of the FDC?

POA should know all of this. The fallout is clear and there been no positive meetings between the parties since the General Election. There been no proof of care or concern. The FDC asks for unity when its in their favour, but not when its concern of everyone else. The FDC did things nicely in 2016 and 2011. In 2016 they appointed 7 DP MPs and in 2011 they had MPs from the UPC, DP; JEEMA and independent. However, that was the decision of FDC as the biggest opposition party.

That the NUP have done another choice and only appointed one JEEMA MPs in 2021. This is their decision. Secondly, the FDC and the ones mentioned haven’t been friendly towards the NUP. So, how do you expect the NUP to give way and be humbled like that?

If the FDC and POA wanted the NUP to have appointees. Why not participate in the proposed meeting over the Leader of Opposition? The letter was sent out and the FDC wasn’t concerned about that. Neither has the FDC or anyone in the FDC Secretariat even cared about the United Forces for Change (UFC). It seems to just be a empty document with no flair.

The FDC needs to carry its own weight now. Take responsibility. The lecturing of NUP is getting old. Just because your the previous biggest opposition party over a decade. Doesn’t give you any automatic points or reflection of offices within the shadow cabinet. Especially, when all your acts are backfiring. There is no signals of positivity or acts of talks, which could have resolved this and given incentives to make it happen.

We now know that didn’t happen and there been instead a steady quotes of insults and arrogant mannerisms. Which will create a space for working together or even become a opposing opposition. There is no signs of unification or even working towards the same goals. As the parties are significantly different in ways of moving ahead. The FDC who is supposed to be mature here could have acted differently, but that’s too much to ask.

The NUP is just supposed to be lectured, humiliated and take it on the chin. While later supposed to drop the grudges and work as a team. How can they phantom this in the FDC? Would they have accepted that and just showing mercy without any proof of friendliness? Who are they kidding?

That’s what infuriate me. When POA in Gulu speaking like this. It doesn’t matter how bright or smart the fellow MPs are. They have played this one out and didn’t showed any concern before the appointees was announced. They are just entitled now and expected to be thought of. Well, show some humility and act civil. Not just be snide and attack. Then later wonder why they don’t want to talk to you or work with you.

It is like when your kid in a sandbox. The one is building a sandcastle and the other is destroying it. Later the one destroying it, wonders why the fellow kid in the sandbox doesn’t want to play together. That’s because the other kid is hurt by destruction of his sandcastle. That’s what the FDC has been preoccupied with doing… and now they say their hurt for not being considered. That’s foolish, but shows their arrogance at this point. Peace.

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