Opinion: The NUP validates the ‘Rigged’ Election

The National Unity Platform and its allies are in-directly finalizing the ‘rigged’ election by appointing the shadow government with the Leader of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga. Mpuuga is a highly regarded opposition MP and is a staunch critic of the state. A man who knows his words and his actions. A man who has been on the “battlefield” for years and who has seen the devastation the state is delivering its dissidents. Therefore, a fine lad to be the LOP. However, they are committing the same sins of the predecessors.

The NUP is just like the FDC in 2016. They have the results, the rigged tally the burden or the price of the horrendous affair called the General Election. Where the state secured the bag and took it all. Where they have the majority and the President. Even though, everyone with a sound mind knows this game was rigged and the ruling regime took the power with blunt force. They do not have the love or the popularity to rule with such a margin. However, all the tricks made has made this possible.

So now today, just as the 11th Parliament is starting and the President yet to announce his cabinet for this term. The NUP have appointed the shadow government, indefinitely validating the results and “moving on”. They are taking the second loser position and allowing the heist. That is the initial act done today. Just like it was when Mugisha Muntu and Winnie Kiiza accepted the loss and took the grounds in Parliament after the resounding heist in 2016.

The only difference is that it isn’t the FDC this time, but the newcomer NUP who does it. The 11th Parliament have a majority NRM and they will have little to no say. They are pawns on the chess-set and the state is giving small handouts to trickle things in. How do you think that only 15 FDC MPs voted for their own for speaker? Shouldn’t they have been loyal to the party?

Well, they should have, but maybe the NRM made another preposition or if not gave them a offer they couldn’t refuse. So, in this regard, the NUP should be careful. When seeing how other parties have navigated this. The regime will use every excuse and maligned them. That’s why risking this now is dangerous. When a established party like the FDC can look so foolish at this stage. What do you think the NUP can be doing later?

Mpuuga got a hustle ahead of him. He is validating a rigged election and swallowing the tears of the oppressed. He is doing so with caution, but he shouldn’t rest assured. Mpuuga should know the consequences of doing this and so should the party as well. They are playing the same game like the ones before.

So, it makes it harder to be a hardliner, when you are eating and accepting titles of defeat. They are saying that they are giving up the race and rallying along the state. The NUP and the opposition are going back-to-normal and scheduled programming. Instead of using their might and power to stifle the process. It could be risky, but if you don’t dare… you don’t get to light up the place either.

The just succumb to the same pressure that the FDC has done. They have been running wild and telling stories, the NUP dropped the report during this month, but is not using it for anything. It is just a document and not getting the credibility it deserves. It is just another foiled enterprise. Instead of going head-on.

The NUP is already paying a high price. The NUP is already targeted, their people are still behind bars, abducted and killed. They are under fire, but these people losing their lives so things goes to status quo seems tragic. They have lost everything and we go back to the setting of 2016 but with another banner behind it. That’s the change and the difference…

The LoP isn’t FDC, but is a NUP. That is the change. The shadow cabinet is all NUP, instead of FDC. Though, we are at the same place and with the same order as after the general election in 2016. Only with a lot of lives in jeopardy, a lot of people abducted and a lot civilians as political prisoners. That’s the vast difference.

The NUP had their chance, it would cost. Just as it could have cost FDC in the past. Though, none of them dared to do it. They didn’t dare to go that far and put their titles in jeopardy. Because, that is going to far. One needs the Parliament to run as normal…

Sigh… shish… Peace.

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