Ethiopia: Abiy – the dead, the detained and the ones starving will not vote for you

Well, it is about that time. The soon selection is upon us and we know the drill. Addis Ababa is ready for a succession and continue to leverage on false hope and liberation. Well, who knew this would happen and that an unelected Prime Minister would unleash this terror? However, here we are, and they are acting high and mighty.

Still, some facts remain. The ones starving and fleeing military operations in Tigray will not vote. Neither will the refugees in Sudan. The ones deceased or behind bars because of the conflict will not participate either.

The same can be said across the Republic. As the state is violating people’s rights on the regular. The state is going after dissidents and whoever associates with others than the anointed ones. The Prosperity Party will have its candidates in the House of Federation and the Prime Minister will have his day. However, he will not honour the pledge of a free and fair election. Because, his enemies are either dead or behind bars. That is just the tragic enterprise of this whole affair.

We know and read the reports from across the republic. The videos of the horrific efforts made by the authorities, the army and the police. The massacres, the murders and the extra judicial killings is happening in Tigray, Afar, Ogaden and Oromia. These lives will not be forgotten and their souls will haunt the offices of the ruling regime.

The Medemer Terror will be term of this era. The violence, the atrocities and significant use of force on civilians. The use of blatant disregard to assemble, to operate and be opposition parties. The lack of freedom, liberty and justice, if one party and one man can reign supreme. That is what is the unique and tragic about this time.

The election or (s)election to be fair to the dramatic efforts made by the state. Will not legitimize or give the credibility Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is seeking. To the contrary it will invalidate his efforts and his whole first term in office. Which is ironic and a missed opportunity.

The Prime Minister had the whole world by the balls, but squashed that over petty foes and the ill-advised attacks on enemies. Instead of acting mature and taking things into account. He instead ordered the arms, the mechanical warfare and the missiles on his own. The PM rather destroy his own republic. Just so everyone can “worship” his name. That’s the of warlord and not a man of peace.

The Prosperity Party works for one sole mission and that’s to become the one-party state. To violate and deplete everyone in its way. That’s why the regions best candidates and the ones who isn’t hand-picked by PP is behind bars or dead. The other parties cannot organize or even try to campaign. While the PP is all over the place and the armed forces are violating people on the regular. Schools are prisons, hospitals raided and nothing is left behind. I doubt the ones who is starving, struggling to eat as the fields are left behind. Their villages and homes burned. The streets are left empty and there is nowhere to seek shelter or for safety. They will not come for you or support your endeavours.

Even crying elders in the streets are beaten by armed personnel, as they are supposed to accept fellow brothers and sisters are killed. That’s the state under Abiy and he thinks this is a way to rule.

Abiy will live by the gun and die by the gun. The way he enters his reign is the way he will go out as well. The dead will not vote for you, the ones raped will not vote for you and the ones behind bars will not support you.

There are so many people scorn, so many people harmed, and the steady retribution of the state is only finding new victims. Where nobody is untouched, and nobody should feel safe. At any given moment, the state can find a reason to target you and your kin. That’s what it does. Especially, if you do side with the dissidents, the opposition or anyone who opposes the “Mad King”. Peace.

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