Opinion: The Crocodile’s reign will only end in tears

There was celebrations in Harare when the President for Life, Robert Mugabe was toppled in November 2017. However, since then there been little to celebrate. The same junta have been in-office, except for a few allies of Mugabe has lost their offices.

The new President Emmerson Mnangagwa aka the Crocodile promised a “New Dispensation”. The 2nd Republic was supposed to be different. The election, the massacre on the streets of Harare and everything else happening since. Is just showing that the junta haven’t changed, except for wearing scarfs and coming out with more colourful statements. The state is still pursuing the same objectives and things are not getting better.

Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) under the joint leadership of Mnangagwa and Constantino Chiwenga haven’t delivered anything substantial different than what was occurring during the Mugabe era. No, they are actually doing the same, but in a manner, which is even more flamboyant.

The leaders are now blatant with arresting on charges not existing in law. They are detaining people for protesting for any reason. There are misuse of power and even deliberate actions to use “opposition” parties as pawns to get reforms and constitutional changes through Parliament. The regime is using all means to gets its way and they have willing servants across the political spectrum doing so.

They don’t care if they are messing up tenders, creating scandals and misusing funds. They can illegal sell gold, import shoddy and overprices farm equipment and seek to get kickbacks on state owned enterprises. The state can misuse its power over the currency, never stagnate the inflation or devalue the currency. The junta doesn’t care and they are willing to do this.

This is the Lacoste fraction and they like living lavish. They don’t need to be accountable and God knows which ministry next-up for a scandal. Mnangagwa will not sack or axe anyone with sincere heart. They will be reappointed elsewhere and find them shelter in a new office. The ones can create fuzz, cause headache and cause a stir. However, if these men are parts of the clan. They will get away with it and there is no need to be held to account. That is something the state does with its enemies, but not with itself.

The Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance have been assaulted in favour of the “opposition” Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai. This has been in a fashion through the courts, in parliament and elsewhere. Where MDC-T have gotten favours, by earning the MDC-Alliance MPs slots, positions in local government and even their headquarters. The MDC-T have even gotten the political stimulus, which was designated to the MDC-Alliance. While the MDC-T is working indirectly and for the causes of the ZANU-PF. Therefore, the junta have a naked soul and blind opposition working in tandem with them. While they have sidelines the MDC-Alliance.

That is who things are looking. While instead of focusing on the dire needs, the distress of the state and fixing all the wrecked issues in this term. The state have targeted the sanctions and not stopped with the things, which is reason for the sanctions in the first place. The stopping of civil society, the attacks on media freedom and liberty of the opposition political parties. The state use of authority to silence activists and political operatives.

Mnangagwa have no interest now to care or do anything. He has gotten away with murder, atrocities and scandals his whole career. The President and his comrades are used to have no difficulty to get away from issues. The state will just handle it and make it stop. There is no need for investigations or even check-ups. The victims are civilians and not made men. Therefore, their suffering doesn’t really matter.

Mnangagwa knows this and he can easily transition. He can take a decomposing corpse of the previous President Mugabe and plan to move away from the Heroes Acres. That is the sort of fella he is and wants to avenge the former first family. That’s because he can and he knows he can get away with it.

President Mnangagwa can do whatever, the civil servants can strike and complain, but it will amount to much about nothing. The junta in Harare can skate by and drink their cocktails. While people cannot afford their meals. They are used to this and easily enjoy the perks of power. They have the army behind them and the army veterans too.

The moment the army turns on Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. They will be left behind like the ones close to Mugabe and G-40 fraction as well. They will be terminated and go into exile. Mnangagwa did that a short while before returning to become next in-line. Therefore, he should suspect this could happen to him. When the ones eating is dissatisfied with the current plate and want some additional pastries too.

Mnangagwa has no plan of serving the public. He rather let the Herald and other publications write nice articles, but we all know its all a lie. The state doesn’t serve the general public or the citizens as a whole. It is just awaiting its turn to eat and the next scheme to gain wealth from. There is nothing new under the sun. Just more of the same. The looting, depleting and inept administration will continue. The cronyism and the nepotism will persist, the grand corruption and the injustice will be further served. As long as Mnangagwa rules supreme. He will not start to care now.

The crocodile have gotten away with murder since the 1980s and he have no interests in answering to these crimes at this day and age. He doesn’t care if the deceased are never found and the families are never getting peace. As long as he drives a fancy car, eats posh food and can enjoy the lavish life in Harare. The President and his men has no plan to stop or try another path. This is the golden path and its paved in gold. 

While his eating like there is no tomorrow. The rest will bury their sons, the daughters and the ones they care for the most. The state will not be there and these folks are just forgotten. The pain and suffering will continue. Mnangagwa will make the citizens cry and he will not console them. The President will just marsh on and he will not change his ways now. That is long gone and there is not hope of changing the ZANU-PF.

The ZANU-PF will continue to act like the ZANU-PF. There will not be swift reforms or changes, they will only continue to seek more quick gratification and gain more power. That is what they do and the citizens will see that it end in tears. Peace.

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