Opinion: The 27 guns vetted Museveni [Kadaga know this]

I want CEC to explain to me why Museveni is not subjected to the same. Why isn’t he also vetted? Nobody puts him under any vetting. He automatically qualifies and yet this is too undemocratic. Which kind of democracy is this?”Rebecca Kadaga (Emmanuel Busingye – ‘Kadaga to NRM CEC: Who vets Museveni?’ 19.05.2021, ekyooto.co.uk)

The two time speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga have no suddenly questioned the vetting of President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. The sole-candidate and automatic chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). It is funny that she does this after skating through the General Election herself and following ordinary protocol of the NRM.

Kadaga knows perfectly well… that everyone else has to follow electoral stipulations, codes and regulations. The President, the High Above and the King over Kings. He doesn’t have too. That’s why the Electoral Commission can write a sentence or two, but never publicly drop his credentials for his education or anything else. While others can be sued and lose their seat over the same issues.

Kadaga has seen this and knows this very well. This isn’t a new issue. It is old and gotten old with all the elections happening every 5 years. Museveni is never touched and he never have to deliver anything. He can just do a walk-over and the due-process continues like always.

President Museveni is practically untouchable. His the Don of the Family, the one who has all power and everyone else is his court. Museveni is the king and the rest are his servants, one way or another. Kadaga should has seen this and it couldn’t be shocking to her.

It is just that entitlement and expectations are hitting the fan. She doesn’t like that she has to follow the party lines and be a loyal subject. While he can do whatever and doesn’t have worry about anything. That’s because everything is built around him. She might dislike that, but that is the mere fact in this.

Museveni has been allowed and ensured things are run this way. Everyone else is accountable to him, but his not accountable to anyone. He has been the master, the commander and the supreme leader without any question of authority. Kadaga maybe doesn’t abide by this, but she has played along these lines in her career.

Kadaga can be infuriated that her tenure and her role is fading. As Museveni is dealing with his petty politics and keeping his ducks in a row. We know that the only ones keeping Museveni to account was the 27 guns. It was the NRA getting him into power in 1986. Since then his been above it all and haven’t needed any help from anyone. His been the man and people have allowed him that.

It is the guns, the army, the police and the authorities that gives him power. It isn’t the likes of Kadaga or anyone else. They are just there to serve his wishes and be a loyal subject. She might hate that and dislike that she has to be accountable to the NRM CEC. However, she has accepted this so far, why are she blasting the system now? Is that because she’s worried that someone will muffle with the bag? That her pay-off will be less and she is accustomed to a favourable salary. Is that the reason for all of this?

Kadaga has been a token soldier in Parliament for years. It is seemingly a worry that she will fall and be just another MP. That’s why she acts like this. Even though she knows and we knows that it was only the NRA that have held Museveni accountable. The rest is just small players who entertains him within his spectrum of power. Peace.

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