Opinion: Abiy & Assefa’s hypocrisy in concern to external forces…

Countries with strong economy or other entities are in a campaign against Ethiopia with the [aim being] to decide how Ethiopians should live. The election will be decided by Ethiopia and Ethiopians only, not to fulfil the interest of external forces. Ethiopians have never fallen under any forces and will never fall” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (16.05.2021)

We have one home and that is Ethiopia. We only have one country and that is Ethiopia. No external forces could ensure the stability of Ethiopia. It is we Ethiopians to stand firm and save our nation”Yeshiwas Assefa, Chairman of EZEMA party (18.05.2021)

These two quotes is recent and shows the heart of the government, the regime and the ones in-charge in Addis Ababa. It is not shocking, but someone cornered and wanting respect does this. The same party and gentlemen that needs outside support and financial benefits as well.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and Ezema Chairman Yeshiwas Assefa is clear in the message. That isn’t shocking. They are both loyal to the same project and has no concern with outsiders looking in. These two wants the same powerful team run the nation and not being questioned about their misgivings.

This is the same government that is arresting, detaining, abducting and taking away political opponents. There is plenty, thousands of political prisoners in Ethiopia at this point. This is happening ahead of the elections, which has been postponed for so long. Therefore, the election is a (s)election and predetermined result for the ones in office. They are only creating the idea of an election, but not a free and fair one. Because, anyone who could challenge the PM or his Prosperity Party is lingering in jail or proclaimed as ‘Terrorist’.

This is why they wont have any interference or external forces. However, this government wants the help of International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This government wants aid and donors to pay for all sorts of projects. The Prosperity Party is living on the dimes of these multi-national organizations and United Nations Organizations too. So, it is not like the foreign currency through trade is covering the expenses of the state. That is the first level of hypocrisy of these gentlemen.

Second and more dire at these days. Is that these two gentlemen would easily defend the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) participating in the warfare in Tigray region and possibly elsewhere. The EZEMA have worried that the Ethiopians and Amhara Para-Military Group would be to weak, if the Eritreans would leave. Therefore, the hypocrisy is at all time high. As long as a Foreign Entity and soldiers are bashing through the Tigray region.

Prime Minister Abiy and Chairman Assefa is clearly jaded here. They have trouble with Western Powers and Donors adding strings to their purses. The Addis Ababa leadership wants to look sovereign. However, how sovereign are you when you need the Eritrean to take the battles internally for you? How great is Addis when Asmara is salvaging your hurt?

These two gentlemen needs to get their mind correct. The Prosperity Party and Ezema should just merge when they are on accord and working directly for the same thing. There is no difference, except for the name. This war in Tigray is exposing the sinister ploys and plots. That the state cannot forgive its own and cannot give way.

It is either Abiy’s way or its the path to destruction. That is the ways things are at this moment. Abiy should be careful with his words of being a sovereign. As long as his gently keeping company with Eritrean forces on the Ethiopian soil. His not sovereign as long as keeps playing these games. His the silent partner and accepting the ills of both his own soldiers and their allies. That is all happening on his watch. It is all on his account. Peace.

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