Ethiopia: Getachew K. Reda – Statement on the current situation in Tigray (12.05.2021)

Dear friends, just to let you know that I am back, sort of. As Mark Twain once quipped, the news about my death/s (too many of them apparently!) was a bit exaggerated!
The history of Tigray is replete with stories of heroism and glory; of people steeped in the tradition of fighting injustice against a constellation of enemies often all at once; of steadfastness in the face of adversity. The people of Tigray have over the centuries faced disparate challenges-natural or man made- only to come out victorious. Giving up has never been part of the historical lexicon of Tigray. No matter how difficult the odds, Tigray has always ultimately prevailed over its adversaries, wherever they come from or whatever their size.
The people of Tigray have once again been subjected to all kinds of calamities in the hands of their enemies. In light of the enormity of the challenges we faced throughout history, Abiy and Isaias are, despite the untold misery and suffering they have caused on our people, mere midgets in the face of the Tigraian Resistance.
It is little wonder then that the anti-Tigray coalition of stone age enthusiasts is crumbling fast in the face of the Tigray resistance. Tigray is once again proving to be its enemies’ graveyard. Tigray will not just prevail against a constellation of reactionaries in the battlefield; but more importantly will rise from the ashes and rebuild itself on solid foundations and soon!

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