Opinion: Rukutana is clearly above the law [and your not!]

The high ranking official and the beloved appointee of the “high above” Mwesigwa Rukutana have been acquitted by the courts after shooting and killing a civilian, as he lost the National Resistance Movement Primaries in early September 2020.

He was the incumbent MP in the Parliament, but lost. However, the man has been a Minister of various Ministries from 2001 to 2015. He was the Deputy Attorney General from 2015 to 2019. While being the MP from 2016 to 2021. The MP is now out and lost his seat.

Still with all of that his out of legal jeopardy. A man who can use his AK-47 and use vile force. However, have no consequences. A Minister for 14 years, Deputy Attorney General of the Republic for 4 years.

If a man who has been such a honourable for so long and had titles in Republic should know better. He should be a better man, apparently that is too much to ask.

Rukutana used his weapon for no other reason that he lost his place and had to retaliate against the ones who humiliated him. The entitlement is real, but his still served with it. As he could get away with the usage of weapons on others.

Two weeks later in Fresh Primaries he became the winner of the Primaries too. That was after the first round of Primaries. He needed to get his way and couldn’t accept anything else. This shows how some are “better” and is “above the law”. A lawmaker like this is apparently so in this regime. He got the stripes and a second chance.

However, the former Minister was booted out in the General Election in January 2021. Just like he was in the first bloody Primary in September 2020. Rukutana was now acquitted in April 2021 for the actions done in September 2020. That says a lot… while he still lost his seat as an MP.

What we can say by all of this. Is that if your part of the Movement and anointed by the high above. You can easily get a out of the jail free-card. That is what he did while others are lingering in jail for their political affiliation.

Rukutana … is not only lucky but entitled. He has the character and the ability to shoot someone and get away with it. We know the opposition cannot even sneeze on the streets or gather without legal jeopardy. While the Movement own can do whatever and get run away from the law. They are above the law and cannot be touched. However, if anyone around Bobi Wine did the same. They would be charged with murder and the prison officials would throw away the keys.

Nevertheless, Rukutana isn’t with the umbrella, but his anointed by the yellow bus. That is why his off the hook. If Nubian Li or anyone else did this. They wouldn’t see the light of day. That is just the reality of it all and its distasteful and disgraceful. The state shows how the law doesn’t matter for some. It just matters that you have the right people around you and suction to the State House. If you have that… you don’t have to worry about the law or the courts. That is for the peasants or the opposition. Peace.

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