Tchad: The Prime Minister is set to takeover an hotel for his “office”!

The Conseil Militaire de Transition (CMT) or the Transitional Military Council (TMC) which is headed by General Mahamat Kaka Déby Itno. On the 26th April 2021 the CMT/TMC appointed the runner-up in the just finished presidential elections, Albert Pahimi Padacket as the Prime Minister.

Just two days later, the Minister of Tourist Development, Culture, and Crafts Geo Patalet have requested Société Nationale d’Exploitation Hôtelière (SONEXHO) to ensure the Prime Minister have a hotel, which he can have as his offices.

This is just 48 hours after being appointed. There been movement within the CMT/TMC where they have to request the hoteliers to make a makeshift office for the Prime Minister. That says a lot of the previous administration and the current one. As they can just order public property to become official “residents” and “offices”.

There been other high ranking officials elsewhere who has run their “shop” from hotels and been living like that for years. Now, the 18 months transition is planning to takeover a hotel for an civilian appointment. The generals and the ones in council really see it fit to spend money this way.

This is to give perks and special benefits to the Prime Minister. Surely, living the lavish high-life in an hotel in N’Djamena would be nice. To have hotel staff doing your bidding, changing the lining, bed-sheets, make breakfast, have pools and whatever else of luxurious benefits. Surely, security arrangements around the parking-lot and short commute to the other public officials. That must all be splendid.

The letter of request didn’t specify any sort of hotel. Neither has any reporting either. However, I doubt they would do this is an run-down, cheap and old bed-and-breakfast. They will go to a hotel with fixed facilities and have things in order. It will be as many stars as possible and a favourable rating.

The Prime Minister, if he accepts this and takes this bargain. He clearly doesn’t care about the public spending or concerned about how it looks. They just put him on the pedestal and serving him umbrella drinks by the shade of a pool. While people are rebelling against the coup d’etat and the family dynasty. While his enjoying the perks and living a lavish life.

That is how this seems and the perception is clear. Peace.

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