Somalia: Farmaajo has outplayed himself [2 years became 19 days]

Today the Lower House of Parliament revoked the 12th April 2021 Presidential Extension without an election. The majority vote of the 1st May 2021 comes after heavy weaponry, soldiers on the streets and extensive actions made between militias in favour of the Ex(interim) President Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed Farmaajo.

He had corned himself and lacking friends. That is why the Lower House was summoned and had to change it’s stance. The ex(interim) President had to fold as his cards was falling quickly during the last week. Since Sunday the 25th April.. the parties took the stalemate and electoral impasse to the streets. This have efficiently created tension, internally displaced people and ensured the mandate of the ex(interim) President to deteriorate.

That is tragic truth here. It is a one-man show that has sort of ended. The man who made it impossible to get into a election. The one guy who stopped all discussions and negotiations in consideration to the 17th September 2020 agreement, as a preparation to the up-coming election. That is what he did and he risked everything doing so. He ordered soldiers on the streets, raided other candidates homes and talked of “sovereignty” while doing it.

Now on the 1st May 2021 the “interim”, the “extension” and the “unelected” President is a reality. There is no official mandate anymore and the revocation of the 12th April 2021 should with immediate effect evict Farmaajo out of the Villa Somalia. He is no longer the President and hasn’t any sort of reason to live there.

Farmaajo has outplayed himself and he did it in only 19 days. The 2 year extension lasted only 19 days. That is failure and loss, if there ever was one. The ex(interim) has clearly failed his mission of being an unelected bureaucrat on the top.

He has now given the mission to Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to direct preparations for the election. That is showing how humiliated he is… and Farmaajo isn’t a big-man. He has thwarted everything and nearly created an open war with the opposition. It was starting to look really hostile and there will be many hurdles from here.

The impasse and the manner of which the Villa Somalia has taken. Has surely created a lot of mistrust and felt filled with deceit. Therefore, don’t expect all FMS to suddenly jump onboard and needs to catered too. They feel betrayed already and have held meetings and Dhusamareeb conference was a farce.

The revocation of the 12th April 2021 extension is positive. The move of directing Roble is fine as well, but there is a lot to amend. The ex(interim) cannot run away from the chaos and havoc has thrown the Republic into. Just because he wanted to be an unelected head of state. It is not like his a believable character and a trustworthy individual now. He has shown his true character and what’s his willing to do to be in power.

This here is just another step of keeping him in office. As there is need for new electoral process and meetings. There is a need for new conferences and get everyone to agree on the way forward. That is something that will buy Farmaajo time. It will not happen over night and especially not after the last 19 days.

The ones celebrating. I would say it’s too early. It is just a speed-bump and there will be new technicalities and mechanisms used to trick the game. Don’t expect Farmaajo just to give up and run away. No, he intended to stay and there is nothing seemingly saying he will go now either.

Farmaajo just bought himself more time and wouldn’t be surprised if there will be more ways to postpone and ensure the election takes time to happen. The FGS and Villa Somalia have been reluctant. Therefore, it wouldn’t be shocking if it suddenly was stopped and nothing happen for days. Where no of the parties showed up and the mistrust would escalate further.

The ex(interim) has made this bed and now have to sleep in it. This stalemate has been deliberate and now the reality is for everyone to see. Farmaajo doesn’t care if people dies or burns, as long as he is the Commander-in-Chief. He doesn’t care if his soldiers shoots and scares several of neighbourhoods. That’s what’s he has shown the world and what levels he goes too stay in office. That is the sort of man he is. Peace.

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