Ethiopia: 80% of the Tigrayan population without food – Bureau of Agriculture letter from March says so

The Law Enforcement Operation as destructible it is. The results from the conflict is now coming out. It is trickling out little by little, as the state and the Tripartite Alliance is holding the information close to their chest.

The newest revelation is a letter sent by the Interim Tigray Regional Government and the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development who wrote this letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources. The letter states that the Interim Tigray Regional Government wanted a Emergency Plan and Request of funds.

It is bad when 80% of the region is going without food. When the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development that the majority farmers doesn’t have food, seed, oxen and farm tools. Because of the warfare and the open conflicts in the region. The farmers has lost their livelihood, the loss of crops, livestock that was either destroyed or looted. This is why this is a self-inflicted crisis by the Tripartite Alliance in Tigray.

The people are suffering and lacking the ability to be self sustainable as the raving conflict is persisting. The state has made the whole region suffer, because it decided to go to war in November 2020. They are not only letting the former Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) comrades behind bars or killed. No, the Tripartite Alliance is making everyone suffer with the complete destruction of the agricultural sector.

This has been done very quickly by the Tripartite Alliance and their warfare in the region. This is the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Force – Fano. These are the main culprits in Tigray region.

However, this is just one piece of devastation and destruction in Tigray since November. This is not amount of internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees in Djibouti or Sudan. These are also causing prolonged harm and longer time get back to normal in the Tigray region.

The amount of massacres that has been happening on the regular. The unverified numbers of deceased and killed. The use of rape as a tool of oppression as well. All of the horrific acts done to put the people into submission. The destruction of schools, hospitals and other vital institutions, as well as looting and ravaging factories too. All of this will linger in memory and take decades to fix. The scars, the lives and stories that will be told. As the Tripartite Alliance have to take blame and pay the price of fixing it.

Nevertheless, that is the long time objective that is needed. Now the agricultural sector is broken because of the conflict and as it has been targeted. In Tigray region the Interim Government isn’t the believed rulers or representatives. They are the imposed on the general public and not their elected officials, which was deposed in November 2020.

All of the months have gone since the conflict started and now the effects of the warfare is becoming evident. Even the Interim Government states it too and asks for assistance from the Federal Government. Peace.

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