Opinion: “Useful Tchad” continues for the French

Since the assassination Idriss Déby Itno, the President for Life in Tchad. Now there is a coup d’etat in favour of the son Gen. Mahamat Kaka Déby Itno. This is initially supported and getting validated by having French President Emmanuel Macron at the funeral of the father today in N’Djamena.

The father like Son both took power with arms. It was the weapons giving them power. It wasn’t popularity or an election. Gen. Kaka is following the same structure and using the trick of a Transition Military Council (TMC). He is doing it, because the West has accepted that in Mali and Sudan too. Stability over proper governance.

The French wants to friendly and have a part of the “useful” part of Tchad. The southern Tchad is a place of which it has interests and can gain control over. The useless northern Tchad is another issue. The French wouldn’t care less. Only that they need to quell rebellion and stop insurgency crossing through the Sahel Region.

That is why its useful to have an armed junta in N’Djamena. It is very valuable. That sort of “stability” is more valuable than coins. They can have a military base and be able to swiftly fight insurgency in the previous colonies of West Africa. Tchad is poor and is even more impoverished with rights and justice. That’s why its perfect to have same family ruling the Republic. They are proper servants for Paris and their accords for peace in the Sahel Region.

Gen Kaka might continue his good relations to the Rapid Support Force (RSF) or Janjaweed in Sudan. Where he can trade goods and training to the government sponsored militia who can cause havoc and tragedies in Darfur. This continues and its relentless. While the French sponsors and legitimize the reign of another Déby Itno.

We know the French wants a finger in the Republic because of the petroleum and uranium of Tchad. They are not there out of solidarity or charity. No, they are there for business. This is why they have no trouble supporting the coup d’etat of this week and ensuring “stability” so their interests are secured. There is nothing else here.

Macron hopes Gen. Kaka can be a token soldier for him and continue to be useful person for him. The French doesn’t value democracy or liberty. They just want their interests covered in the former colonies. That is why the French let family run the former republics. This is just another one where this happens.

It is a reason why the northern are having a rebellion and going against N’Djamena. They want to prove a point and not accept this takeover. The Déby Itno family doesn’t own Tchad. Even if it acts like it does. It is time for proper elections and sincere polls. Not just sham elections in favour of one single candidate who already came into power by the guns. Peace.

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