Opinion: Abiy’s election is a sham

We are committed to holding a free, fair, democratic & peaceful 6th National Election. Our follow up meeting today with regions & NEBE evaluated progress made since the last meeting in which direction was set to enable remaining stations to be opened & address pending matters. Elections are a demonstration of building a democratic culture in which differences are addressed through the ballot and not by the bullet. Through the voting process, citizens exercise agency and actively participate in the building of a democratic process” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (22.04.2021).

The Prime Minister must take people for fools. He must think people are buffoons and drunk on the regular. Because, these statements is weird coming from him. Talking about free, fair, democratic and peaceful elections. It seems like his delusion have overpowered him or he thinks he can play this facade out without anyone calling him out.

The Prime Minister really trying to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Prince of Peace is already barenaked. The PM is already waging war in his own domain. The PM is already having several of other conflicts and unleashing his armies on the people. So, promising peaceful elections in the middle of all this conflicts is insincere at best.

Abiy must think people are stupid, as the NEBE has deregistered over 50 parties. Other ones have most of their leaders and leadership behind bars. If not they are barred from standing or ability to run a campaign. The like of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) have had trouble just holding meetings to set forward candidates within the Somali Region. Not to talk about the in-general political captives of the Oromo leadership and candidates. Where most of the OLF and other parties are behind bars. There is no way in this current time there will be fair or free elections. When your competition is either deregistered, detained or dead. That is what Abiy have achieved before the ballot is even cast.

That is why the PM must think people are really stupid. He must think the world in general is dense. That they either neither take his seriously or his just a useful false messiah for some. Because, his not a man you can trust or can see as a viable candidate. Unless, he has put shackles on everyone else or if not ensured their demise. Since it is not like he is delivering peace or fairness into the equation. The only one believing it is eating of the hand of propagandists and token Yes-Men who is serving the PM.

The PM can act like everything is fine and dandy. However, the reality is that its a sham. There will be no election, but another selection of predetermined results in favour of the PM. He will have control of the House of Federation and be the PM with a valid term. His lies and deceit is now all in the open.

He can act like this and say these words. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it true. Even if all of his cronies and Prosperity Party associates say so. The truth is that his core opposition and leaders on the outside of the previous EPRDF is behind bars. The Prosperity Party will practically run a “one-party” election with a few hand-picked opposition parties. Who is not feared by anyone or is causing any alarm to ego of the Prime Minister. The PM will be safeguarded and just go on a friendly journey to the end. This election will not be free, fair or peaceful. Especially, when there is serious destruction and dismantling of society in the midst of the Federal Republic.

The PM cannot sell this story and make it believable. Only the naive and dense will buy into it. The ones who doesn’t the see the pain and suffering. The ones who doesn’t get the tyranny and despotic manner, which this man rules. No matter of publicity stunt and fine printed statement. Can overshadow the darkness and grim picture that is occurring as we speak. As long Jawar, Garba, Nega and alike is behind bars. This election is a fraud and a fake.

The PM cannot even be brave enough to have true opposition. His such a coward to keep them in prison as political prisoners. They are captive because of his ego and lack of character. If he was a man of his words. They would have been on the ballot and his reformist agenda would have made favours with the general public. However, that is seemingly just a smokescreen and not his true self.

The PM will now run a rigged and predetermined poll. Where we all knows the result and he cannot loose. That is by default… and this is why you shouldn’t be fooled. It is all a lie and the false prophet promise heaven, but given plenty of his citizens a living hell. Peace.

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