Ethiopia: Opposition Leader charged over anti-Tigray War sentiment… [and barred for seeking medical treatment abroad]

We must make it clear that the Tigray people are either not Ethiopians or we must save them from the foreign invaders. If we want Ethiopia to continue to exist as a nation, we must stop the looting, killing, rape, and abuse perpetrated by Isaiah’s forces against the people of Tigray” (…) “If we remain silent whilst this scale of abuse is happening before our necked eyes; then, it means that the Tigray people are not Ethiopians and the Tigray region is not part of Ethiopia. He further said our silence on what is happening in that region will be an unprecedented historical mistake” Lidetu Ayalew, the former President of Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) Party

The CUD leader Ayalew because of this uttering was charged with terrorism,, unlawfully change the constitutional order or overthrow of the government. This offence could easily by sentencing get the politician behind bars for 15 years.

The Deputy Director for the Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau Assefa Atnkut have now written a letter barring him for leaving Ethiopia for treatment and medication abroad. This after the charges have been put on him. The state is clearly punishing him for uttering those words in a interview.

That clearly was to much for the authorities and the Operation Law Enforcement. A man was not supposed to say these words or dare to question the Tripartite Alliance operating in Tigray. That Ayalew did this is now a criminal offence. He has already been behind bars for it.

Now, the state is barring him from leaving the Republic and getting medical treatment. That is the sort of progress the Prosperity Party is delivering it’s dissidents. Such a reforming spirit of Abiy and his comrades. That he doesn’t have the heart for dissent or make it possible for them to get treatment abroad.

That is the sort of state of affairs Addis Ababa wants the world to know of and be the epitome of governance. The ones at the wheel in Finfinne clearly doesn’t care about the opposition. They only wants them gone or behind bars. That is why Ayalew got into trouble anyway. Because, he dared to speak ill of this regime and their actions in Tigray. Peace.

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