Somalia: Tension in Mogadishu over Gen. Sadiq John’s dismissal [Protest in Shirkole neighbourhood]

Tense situation in Mogadishu tonight. Reports say former Mogadishu Police chief, Gen. Sadiq John, with large number of troops moved back to Shirkole neighborhood. Prominent Somalia MPs rush to the area & say they will defend the general if government forces attack the area” (Morad News, 16.04.2021).

Mogadishu’s ex-police chief Sadaq Jon returns to his clan-dominated Shirkole neighborhood amid troop build-up by pro-gov’t forces. – Universal TV. Gunfire heard in nearby areas a short while ago; some residents seen fleeing over fears of possible gun fight” (Somali Guardian, 16.04.2021).

We know that this is all happening because what happened earlier this week. When the President Farmaajo sacked the General from his office. Where the “Harmad” was ordered to take the General away from the area of Mogadishu where he was stationed. This is all happening because the Lower House extended the term of the President with two years on Monday and the Police Chief wanted to block the Parliament. That is why he was later fired.

The Police Chief went on TV and told about his efforts and this as after the fact cost his office. Now, the state is retaliating against him. There was reports of earlier this week that the General fled to Djibouti. However, those reports are all unfounded as he has been stationed in Shirkole neighbourhood. There been tensions there and reports of gun-fire since the 14th April 2021. Just a day after he lost his stripes and office.

Tonight there are reports of demonstrations in Xamar in Shirkole where they are in support of Sadiq John. Clearly things are spiralling out. This is just over one person who was high ranking official and a former Police Chief.

When it can become this tense and become his hostile over this. What more can happen, if Farmaajo uses more force or even tries to retaliate? What happens if any of the Member States leaders uses their means?

This should worry people as Farmaajo isn’t set in stone and his role isn’t sustainable. As he is in a “pre-fixed” term extension and not a respected one. He forced himself on the Federal Republic for another two years without proving his worth. That is why his not respected or honoured. He has enforced himself on the general public and by definition taken power in his own hands.

That why the likes of General Sadiq John reacted the way he did on Monday 12th April 2021. This had consequences for him… and now we are seeing what the state does as well. Sadly this is the beginning and shows how fragile this is. That’s because the foundation that is built isn’t strong or trusted. If the Presidency was built on a foundation of trust and legitimacy. It wouldn’t be like this and shows the intension’s of Villa Somalia.

Something is erupting and Farmaajo made this happen. All because of his will to stay in power by any means. Peace.

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