Somalia: Lower House extends Farmaajo’s Presidential Term

Desire makes slaves out of kings, while patience makes kings out of slaves” – Imam Al-Ghazali

BREAKING: The lower house of the Somali parliament has passed a 2-year mandate extension for the Farmajo-led government. The move closes the door to any negotiation spearheaded by the international community on the elections. The vote by parliament means the September 17th agreement is no longer valid” (Garowe Online, 12.04.2021).

The Lower House in Parliament have today on the 12th April 2021 extended his term for another two years. What is important to know is that the first term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo ended on the 8th February 2021. The appointed speaker of the Lower House Mursal have clearly showed his loyalty and the same has the rest of MPs.

What is questionable about this motion and this vote. Is that they are doing this without an official mandate. They are all on overtime and that can cause disharmony and questioning the validity. As non of them was elected or had a mandate to be MPs in April of 2021. The 149 MPs who voted for it has now dismissed and made the electoral agreement of September 17th 2020 invalid too. Therefore, the stalemate and electoral impasse is further escalated. This is a fragile move and something we have seen happening since February or March of this year.

It is not shocking that the Lower House MPs are doing this. They are buying themselves time without doing anything. They are keeping their seats and keeping the status quo without trying to fix the impasse or stalemate. That is weak tea and proves they are more caring about eating, than actually serving the Republic. As they are giving themselves two more years without even doing anything sincere.

The Cheese aka the President is now allowed himself two more years. He will sign this motion and make it law. It is beneficial for himself and Villa Somalia without solving the remaining issues. That is the sort of act Farmaajo does these days. That is really not a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness.

Farmaajo clearly doesn’t want to hold an election, because his worried about his office. The President fears that his popularity isn’t there and doesn’t have the same spark as he had when he was first elected. He had such promise, but with time… he has gotten addicted to power and the use of armed forces to enforce his wishes. That is what he does and its evident. It is also proof now that he doesn’t value the Federal Member States or their leadership. As he mocks them with this motion after prolonged meetings in Mogadishu going nowhere.

He clearly had no plans of holding the elections and used the “vacuum” to his own benefit. The “interim” President doesn’t care about the fallouts or the ones calling him out. He just wants power by any means and that is evident with this move.

The desire for power is more important, than respecting the constitution or the laws of the Republic. Farmaajo’s need to cling to power is more valid, than actually letting the FMS and FGS finding a quick solution to the impasse. If Farmaajo could easily have gotten a second term. He wouldn’t have risked this and played it out this. He would have run to the finishing line and get the praise for his victory. Instead, his using this as a false-start and trying to get ahead, but at the same time not allowing his competition to run at the same time. Therefore, being ahead without an official start of the race. That is what Farmaajo is doing and its worrying.

People are worried that this is a start of a new civil war. That would be really a tragic ending to the promise of the Cheese. That the man would risk the whole Federal Republic over the Presidency. That his so important that his willing to make a war over it. This shows how much possible hubris he has. The worry about this isn’t unfounded because he has his own military outfits and they could easily be ordered against his enemies. That is the worst result of this… and we can hope for better.

President Farmaajo is playing with fire and making himself an “unelected” President and Executive. He is residing in Villa Somalia without an mandate. Even with this vote and motion from the Lower House will make it some sort of valid, but that can still be a technicality. That technical measure can be by some dismissed and questioned, because of the time it was passed. Therefore, Farmaajo is really pushing the envelope and is risking it all. Peace.

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