Opinion: Farmaajo prefers being an unelected leader

Now it’s official as yesterday’s failure of moving forward with the upcoming elections is clear. As the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) couldn’t get into an agreement with the Federal Member States (FMS). That is why everything has failed. The September 17th 2020 agreement hasn’t been respected and now there is no accord between the parties.

The term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo ended already on the 8th February 2021. Since then he has tried to push the Lower House to vote in a motion for a 2 year extension. It has been controversial and he hasn’t moved for more negotiations with the FMS as well. Now, they had the final meeting yesterday and it was a utter failure.

Since Farmaajo have the Somali National Army, Gorgor and Haram’ad are under his spell. These armies and brigades are following his orders and awaiting his next operation. These trained armies can clearly be used to sway a Member State and go after the leaders who doesn’t follow suit. Therefore, the delay of elections seems deliberate.

Farmaajo is the only one winning with this. The former President, turned “interim” and awaiting to become the “transitional” President. As he surely planning a “Transitional Council” and prolong his reign. That sort of move would only be validated by MPs whose term also ended in February and means their validation could be seen as void as well.

Whatever that happens now and the separation from Farmaajo from several of Member States. That he could muffle them and shut them up. He couldn’t get them to be swayed as the ones he has appointed and gotten into leadership roles. Clearly, this man wants to continue his Presidency, but not get an election. As he fears of losing and could easily become a one-term President and that’s humiliating. Especially, when he has served they way he has.

This President has changed the Speaker of Lower House to a allied. He also appointed a second Prime Minister to have another ally there as well. This has all been done to ensure he has his men in roles and to ensure his reign. They are there to serve him and he has the armies too. That is why his not fearing the FMS or any other.

Farmaajo has the guns and the International Community isn’t challenging him either. They have condemned and said its regrettable. But they are not going after him or delegitimizing him. His off the hook and can run his scheme.

The scheme is seemingly being the head of state without any elections. The former/interim becoming a “transitional” one. He will do that in one way or another. Even as Member States and the Council of Presidential Candidates are saying that he doesn’t have a mandate or eligibility to do so. The ones supposed to serve his wishes is already on borrowed time themselves. Unless, they are fearing to at gun-point with Farmaajo.

Farmaajo is risking all security and usage of Villa Somalia just to retain his role and office. His willing to destroy any sort of progress just for personal gains. That is a sad state of affairs and show how not to personify the state. One person shouldn’t become the personification of the state, but Farmaajo have clearly done this and with the added support of his armies.

This is seemingly at this point a never ending affair. Farmaajo will prolong his stay and never let go. That’s why his stalling and not following up pre-election talks. Ensuring they cannot hold elections and he can stay put where he are, and not leave. Peace.

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