Opinion: Abiy isn’t the saviour but the villain

On this day in 2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali took over power in Ethiopia. Now it has gone three years and his still unelected. He got appointed by the Council of Ministers as the Prime Minister, but his never been elected by universal suffrage. He postponed the elections last year in 2020 and has scheduled to hold it this year finally.

However, the term of his non-election is what will seal his fate and legacy. No, that is all his other actions and in-actions. The manner which his reign is filled with conflicts, propaganda and lazing everything with poison.

The Prime Minister came in with promise of reforms and peace. Nevertheless, the reforms have been shallow and a power consolidation of a kind. The PM has been more concerned with getting aligned in his image. Than initially getting dialogue, talks and general peace. He has either buried his enemies or detained them. The Prime Minister is serving the Republic in the worst way possible.

It is not only Tigray Region that is burning as a result of his ego. Oromia is the main leadership behind bars. In Ogaden the leadership is monitored and the citizens are starving. The Prime Minister have done damage everywhere and his not resolving anything.

He made peace with Eritrea and is now a close ally with Asmara. They are an axis who are willing to whatever it takes to destroy their common enemy in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). They want to annihilate and end the former rulers, once and for all. The Tigrayan Defence Force (TDF) is now going against ENDF, EDF and Fano. That says it all after the conflict started in early November last year.

The Prime Minister still oversee and let government troops massacre people in other zones and regions. The PM has no reasons to stop people fighting in Afar Region or Benishangul-Gumuz Region. Even the Liyu Police extra judicial killings in Ogaden region. All of this is happening during his reign, but never ceasing.

The PM has used his power and his tenure to assault, destroy and get rid of his enemies. While thinking everyone wants to follow him and believes his words. A man who first discussed with his opponents to later detain them. That is why the next elections will be sham one. As everyone who is really challenging him is behind bars and his party will “win” with amazing numbers.

Abiy promised prosperity but currently only delivering destruction. There is nothing his really building. Except for his own ego, which is soon higher up than Mount Everest. Clearly his first book ‘Medemer’ and Nobel Peace Prize made it seems like he was going somewhere substantial. The peace agreement with Eritrea made it seem so as well. However, at home he has buried anyone and detained everyone else. That is what he does and he uses his office to control and silence anyone who could challenge or question him.

Even the men who helped him become Prime Minister have lost their relevance. The PM only cares about himself and the image his possesses. There is nothing he will not promise of greatness. If it is sending things into space, controlling the rain or speaking of peace. While his most consistent results is burying his own citizens and putting his opponents in prison.

He came in acting like the saviour and the man who change things. However, what he has done? Is using all his powers to take it all and stop anyone else come close to him. The PM will not let go now. We can expect more tragic endeavours and state sanctioned violence in the way of innocent citizens. As long as the state can import and have foreign currency to trade the goods to do so. The public is the future cannon-fodder and awaiting their turn. This PM doesn’t care and will use whatever narrative that he see fit.

The PM has now had three years in office. Still, he will not be remembered for peace, but for a brutal civil war. The PM will be remembered how he used all parts of the state to muffle his critics. The PM will be remembered for all the citizens who has fallen in his term. All the fatalities and murders done his watch. Especially, the extra judicial killings done by his orders. The PM will be remembered for all of this and no one will care about his Ministry for Peace. No, that Ministry is used for his war-effort and to white-wash his conflicts.

That is the saddest thing about this. The PM seemed like someone who would deliver hope and be different. However, his just another warlord and a emperor who lives by the gun and will die by the gun too. He will not die because he made peace. No, he will live with the wars he has created and pray to the almighty that he let him conquer. Because, if he loses … the enemies might bury him too. Peace.

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