Ethiopia: Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team – The officials of ABO Mr. Lemmi Benya and Mr. Dawit Abdata were arrested today after being released in court, they were returned (29.03.2021)

The general court of Oromia has arrested Mr. Lemma Benna and Dawit Abdata to free them from the bad situation, and they can go back to their house and break the order by force.
These political prisoners have announced that they have been arrested by the commander of the court, Mr. Gedu’s political attorney has been released by Oromia’s special force. Police brought them to his side, I gave a comment on the stone ′′ since I signed and brought them back to Mojo. Even though they asked ′′ let them be released there, since the court was taken to court without the order, these accusers were directed to the point of the ruling of their lawyers Mr. Gudane.
As Mr. Gudane said, the general court of Oromia was expected to respond today, the commissioner of Oromia police commission, Ararsa Mardasa has not been respected, the commission has been closed to the court order for the third time.

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