Ethiopia: Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team – Mr. Bekele Gerba’s betrayal of faith! (27.03.2021)

The 1th anti-terrorism and constitutional issues in the federal high court, March 13, 2013 Meee
Honorable court, I wish I had done a short answer for the crime I have been accused of or not. But what I have not done, what I have said, what I said, what I haven’t done or what I have done, so I have to list my thoughts a little bit.
Most of the crimes against humanity in the case are my political positions that can’t make me sue.
Using 1. different medias to make nations conflict.
2. people in order to rise up against the government
3. Government says the time of power will end September 30
4. is the soul that was killing and killing Oromo people. When you wake up saying you shouldn’t be governed under the nef _ hachalu’s death, they say you are the cause of death and destruction of many people.
First of all, I am present to the crime that says you have made ethnicity conflict. I just want to express the number one accusation that we have made for nations and nationalities to live in equality and peace. Jawar Mohammed, I don’t want to repeat what he has raised, my political stand, faith and actions will not apply to this. I spent my childhood and followed my elementary school with my friends who were sitting at home and studying in our church. One of the reasons we forced us to go to the place to solve the problem between Oromo and Gumuz people. Since I believe that human beings are created equal and free in my religion, I have been given to learn their language and culture. In a country where some people don’t speak the language of the community in which they live forty and forty years ago, I have been able to cure the pains of Gedeo Zone in one year. I have been invited to have important political meetings when many nations celebrate their holiday. I am a follower of peaceful struggle of Martin Luther King who believes in democracy and discussion. Let’s learn from the famous civil rights activist Martin Luther King’s book to translate it to Amharic and Afan Oromo not by his color. I have never done anything that humiliates any ethnicity before or after I get into politics. No one can confirm this for me. But I don’t know there is a hate campaign that is missing by the name of this falsely.
The 2th crime says you have motivated the people on the government and I don’t deny that I have no good relations with the behavior of the government. The time is over from the military government Sangbaba. I am here for the third time before EPRDF holds power. In 2002 E. C During election campaign, I was teaching Addis Ababa University about land invasion and farmers in 2003 They called me from class and told me that I have been in Solo and took OLF’s military training. I have been released for four years in prison. If what I did then is considered to motivate the people of the government, I have done it.
Again in 2008 E. C. When the robbery of the land, Gidata, Adelaw, Adelaw and E-Democracy took place in jail again. I have really tried to motivate the people during a peaceful struggle. Since the party in power can’t stand the wave of the people, the change forces in the media came to court and supported the idea of the people, we are the terrorists, the people have no fault, we have made a mistake, we have stolen it, the people have started saying that they have come to the court to testify the ideas of the people and they have started saying ′′ we have done wrong, they have started to come to tell the leaders of the leaders of the ministers of the ministers. We have been sentenced to death because of the change that the party has made in its appointment and we are out of prison. When the change was made, the whole people had a great hope and I was one of those who thanked God. God heard our prayers and took it as a good people. When I hear the speech of the prime minister and others, I was very educated. From here I am invited to abroad to support this government in all the platforms I have been found. From Washington to New York, from Atlantic County to State departments, I have argued that the change group should be strengthened and supported to conduct a successful election. From one time on this group, after we found good leaders like this, it is not necessary for me to stay in opposition politics, so I have decided to just decide on my normal job. It was so innocent.
I didn’t expect that the change will end the Hadid so quickly. I didn’t think people would go to jail where they came from. I didn’t expect that all schools will be in central prison closed. I didn’t think that the youth who fought in front of a tank will be killed as an adventure on the media. I never thought the mother of Oromo will cry again. I didn’t think that the diaspora will teach him about struggle in this country while there was a scholar who lived in this country. How can I guess there will be a government armed forces who dance while burning farmer s’ houses?
How do I guess the ruling party will open our doors for the second time when the military fights for each other and our military will open like this? At least all our offices were closed before we were told that they are ‘ competitors ‘ and we didn’t think that we will be removed from the election. I didn’t expect that more than nine hundred government supporters and private media will be controlled by one ethnic group. I didn’t think that we will practice cruelty and corpse in an unusual manner. In general, truth and lies, everything has changed in this speed. (Power, wealth, knowledge, faith and institution) I can’t see the opposition that I can hear from the government. As a political party, we are going to organize and create peaceful demonstration by making such kind of government actions, informing the people, publicly revealing and criticizing. As a citizen and a political party these are not only my right but also my duty.
The crime that was presented to me on the 3th is saying ′′ the ruling party will end September 30 ′′ Our country has constitution. The constitution is our promise document. No one is going to be violated the way they want. It is written that it is intended to lead dictatorship leaders, the constitution can only stay in power for five years has no reason and meaning. But because the ruling party doesn’t want to resign, the government has postponed its time to make a meaning on the constitutional issue.
According to the constitution, most of the government’s time will end September (30) and after that the government should also advise other parties. I believe that the government that is in power continues illegally holding its power. This can’t make me laugh. I was the one who should have sued and should have sued.
In the 4th grade there is a crime that says ′′ the life of Oromo is killing the people, we shouldn’t be governed under the nef _ rule ′′ If there is anyone who says the system of the soul does not do this, this is not where we are, we will struggle to understand. Because of the killings and crimes committed by the soul _ of _ the _ war is enough to look at the works of professor Bahru Zewde, Richard Pankrest, Mohammed Hassen and Lapiso Gedelebon. It is good to see the difference between the difference between the two people and the Amharas.
A person with a soul is a leader who invaded the people of one area, killed the one who killed him, sitting on the ground by force and buying his language without his will. This is the system of the 19th century that has been implemented in Oromia and South of our country. Most of you may know the system of the soul _ of the soul only in history, you may read it or hear it from people. But I know it in action, I live it. I have seen a human being eating the red land where his people lived, being humiliated, underneath people but you are the one who came with the beard. I know when our ancestors bought their cattle from where they came from, I know when we went to carry the land of white shilling with my father. So what are those who didn’t fight this system? What causes you not to be willing to run under this kind of system? I still don’t want to be ruled under this kind of system.
As I mentioned above, Nef Tegnna and Amhara are different. For the paradise of the Lord.
In 1., where I was born, where I grew up and where my family lives, many Amhara farmers come to search for jobs every year. Like any other person, many will find their weaknesses and return to where they came from. Some will respect, some will marry, some will give birth. These land are not those who came to forcefully put their identity on the people of my country, so these are Amhara not soul.
2. I followed my higher education in Amhara region in Bahir Dar teachers college. My first friends are Amhara people. My colleagues were Amharas when I was at work. They are not those who haven’t caught, they are not displaced, they have never told us to buy you, they were not those who want to put their identity on others, they are not _ haters. After working, I have visited Amhara rural and cities. I have watched the lives of the people. Farmer’s lifestyle has no difference from where I was born. Saying this people is not only political ignorance but also sin.
3. I also have friends of this ethnic group who are administered by business. Is it the place where they run their business or they have worked with their weaknesses or they have rented it. They didn’t use anyone, they didn’t put their identity on anyone else. These are Amharas, not haters.
As a system of rural land is related to land, the war has been established in the rural land proclamation which was declared on 1967 Even though it is known that it has changed because of (mode of production) recently, it is known that they are not educated by thinking and covering their own identity by representing the country’s language, culture, religion and history in general. Counting the world as a shameful history has started wearing a t-shirt that says ′′ I am a child of life ′′
The modern mind  of  the  soul is reduced by many sectors and the campaign is held in government office, by the people who are victims of this thought, by government and private media, activists, human rights activists, associations, associations, by associations, by the authoritarians, scholars and the country It’s a mask.
Today the country’s politics is paid by two sides. One of the institutions I mentioned now wants to destroy the federalism and respecting the constitution by changing the previous system (one side language, culture and history) to destroy the rule of the other side. The first stop is trying to make the second round of the political field strong by expanding its campaign and making it out of the political field. For this false accusation he is heading to the destination. This is part of that strategy. And his objective is political too. So I have committed no crime.
Honorable court, if the attempt I made with my friends is considered a crime by our oppressors, I wouldn’t regret it if you were arrested forever to hide the body of Artist Hachalu Hundessa’s body and attend the funeral. Thank you so much.
March 13, 2013 Meee
Bekele Gerba
Finfinee, Oromia, Ethiopia

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