Opinion: Where is Magufuli?

There is several of rumours spreading around… the Tanzanian government is busy doctoring the newspapers of the Nation Media Group (NMG) in Kenya and in Tanzania. They are not allowing these papers across the East African Community (EAC) be able to report what could be possibly true about the location, the status and the condition of the President.

We don’t know for real, if he has COVID-19, if he has breathing issues or is in cardiac arrest. We don’t know if he has a stroke or even is in coma. There is all sort of speculations going on. Joseph Magufuli could be chilling Chato, Geita Region. However, nobody has seen him for two weeks. And on the 10th March 2021 there was reports of him getting treatment at the Nairobi Hospital.

Yesterday on the 11th March 2021 … there is new speculation that he suddenly was moved from the hospital in Nairobi to India. This was done in a hospital helicopter after the Indian Ambassador also visited the hospital, which had already an added security detail and proof of a Very Imported Person (VIP). In the helicopter there should also be ventilator and oxygen for him. However, it is also reported that Raila Odinga is getting COVID-19 treatment at that hospital. So, that is maybe why there is an extended security detail there… but all of that is just mere speculation.

A President, a Head of State should be allowed to have privacy and live life without the public looking into it. However, the President is the Commander-in-Chief and with the responsibility … and there is constitutional duties and legal ramifications for a absence. Therefore… the Presidency isn’t just a mere job, but a station. This is why the President cannot just be lost in action and suddenly resurface. Because, who ran the Republic in his absence? Who was in-charge and had the obligation as “Head of State” while Magufuli was gone missing?

This is why this isn’t a finding Nemo issue. Neither is this a Saving Private Ryan, but serious business.

President Magufuli current condition should be known. His whereabouts and his possible treatment if anything. It would be poetic if he got COVID-19, as the denier and lack of action towards the global pandemic mastermind he is. However, it should also be a lesson in how not to operate, as it bites you in the ass eventually. As you need to flee your own health care system and get treatment elsewhere. Something the citizens cannot afford and not the sort of thing you said they should do. As President you even mocked the internationally made vaccines, the test-kits and the sickness itself.

So, funny that you didn’t drink lemon-water, steam-water treatment and tried herbal medicine. However, saw it fit to possibly get scientific health-care abroad. How fitting, right?

Well… it is just mere speculations… but more droplets are coming and such. There is even those who believes this is a made up Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services (TISS) to discredit the opposition and believes of Tundu Lissu. God knows really at this point…

But… what we do know is that we don’t where Magufuli is and at what sort of condition. There is no common or public knowledge of his whereabouts or how fit he is. He could be swimming in a pool somewhere. Magufuli can be smoking cigars and drinking a pint. If not he could be working on overtime to save his own skin a medical facility, either in Nairobi or in India. Nevertheless, we do not know at this point. Which is really rare… and not cool.

The United Republic deserves better. They deserve to know where their head of state is. This is ridiculous. Peace.

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