The Rumour-mill says: That Magufuli have been airlifted from Nairobi to either India, Germany or China(?)

The Tanzanian authorities are mull. They are silent. The ones in-charge are not letting any information on the whereabouts or the condition, the President is in. President Joseph Magufuli was reported to airlifted to Nairobi and being taken care of at the Nairobi Hospital yesterday.

That was after some minor reports of escalating breathing problems. Therefore, he was taken away from Tanzania to a secure hospital in Nairobi. The Nation Media Group said an “unknown” African Leader was there. While there was also reports of Very Important Person’s Security Detail there as well. Therefore, it was indications that it could be him. Also, the Nairobi Hospital Twitter page dropped a tweet, which they later deleted. Which stated his treatment and they said he was getting better.

However, today… there is other reports. That his even in cardiac arrest and is airlifted from Nairobi to India. Fichua Tanzania have reported today as source, that the President have flown there. After the Indian Ambassador visited the hospital. The President got an air-ambulance equipped with ventilators and oxygen cylinders. The Fichua claims the Kenyan authorities felt it embarrassing that it was happening in Kenya. Therefore, the clearance for the travel happened in only 20 minutes.

This is a continuation of yesterday and a possible proof of the worsening condition of Magufuli. A COVID-19 denier and someone who has marched ahead with no concern about the global pandemic. Now the virus has hit home and he needs health-care elsewhere.

There is no sort of official records or verification of this. There is only the small footnotes. The President whereabouts is still unclear. The media is numb, the state is silent and his handlers aren’t saying a word. Only the Fichua Tanzania and Tundu Lissu have stated that his airlifted to India today. However, that is yet not proven. This is why that’s still considered rumours.

What is worrying is the non-response and the lack of flow of information. That the Tanzanian authorities isn’t acting upon this and setting the record straight. The Head of State is rumoured to be everywhere in whatever condition they say. That is not a good look. If they think their silence is golden. They are wrong… it is a sign of weakness and not of strength. That they cannot be honest about the whereabouts or the condition his in.

At this moment his either still in Nairobi, India or Tanzania. Some are even speculating that his going first to Dubai on the way to Germany for further treatment there. While the most rumours are in the way of India and smuggled out there.

God knows, but we don’t, but what we do know. Is that karma is a bitch and that has bitten Magufuli hard. Now he has to swallow the bitter pill and get treatment for something he downplayed for as long as I can remember. He now got to drown his sorrows.

The final rumour is that his on his way to China. Which is reported here:

Global Bar Magazine can now reveal that the president probably flew to China for specialist care, which is also reasonable given the historical ties between the countries. A plane from China Southern Airlines left Nairobi at 14:24 local time on March 10. It was at that time that some sources stated on twitter that Magufuli would have left Nairobi for India. The plane has no official departure time and arrived in Nairobi from Changsha in China early in the morning of March 10. This plane has no destination and usually flies between different cities in China. The plane is now on its way to China. With or without the president” (Peter Bolme – ‘SOURCE: TANZANIAN PRESIDENT ON THIS WAY TO CHINA FOR COVID TREATMENT?’ 10.03.2021).

We can wonder what is up and what the Tanzanian authorities are preparing. If they are planning “mild stroke” or any other excuse instead of telling the truth. If the Tanzanian authorities cared. They would have come out and stated the facts. Instead of letting the rumours run wild.

Because, that is not good to anyone. It doesn’t matter if he gets treatment in Nairobi, India, China or Germany for that matter. What matters in the end of it all. Is if he gets it COVID-19, breathing trouble or is in another state. That we don’t really know and someone isn’t telling the whole story. Peace.

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