Tanzania: Magufuli’s prayers wasn’t answered [as his getting COVID-19 treatment at the Nairobi Hospital]

We want to confirm to Tanzania that your President John Pombe Magufuli is in safe hands in our facility & he’s responding well to COVID treatment. Wear masks, keep social distance & sanitize” (The Nairobi Hospital, 09.03.2021).

Some people deserve some additional scrutiny. Especially, the people who has downplayed and mocked the pandemic. The ones who has not taken it seriously. One of these men are the Head of State and Tanzanian President Joseph Magufuli. He have been reckless and acted like it doesn’t exists.

The President has suspended recording of the spread. His nation isn’t and haven’t been under lockdown. The President have not followed World Health Organization procedures or protocol to contain the spread of the virus. Now, the President got it himself. While his state have used “mysterious” deaths and “uncertain” reasons for why high ranking officials been dying. People have been buried in the night to hide the causes.

Therefore, it is poetic and karma that he gets the disease himself and seeks treatment. A man who has mocked vaccines, testing-kits and medicines. A man who only wants local solutions, but goes abroad himself to seek help. The ironies with this man is so long and that’s because of his defiance to the problem at hand.

Here is just two quotes from this man:

My child who was infected with Corona took lemon water and ginger and is now healed” – President Joseph Magufuli (18.05.2020).

Have you seen my aides wearing bracelets? Because I know who they slept with today at home, but the main thing is to put God first, God willing even without Corona you will go, even with Malaria you will go, this is the time to really pray to God” – President Joseph Magufuli (21.02.2021).

I am sure the breathing problem, as it first was stated at was to save face. However, when Nairobi Hospital says it like it is. You know who the problem is. The same happened to another President who didn’t care about the pandemic. That was Pierre Nkurunziza. Who also died from the sickness. Therefore, the Tanzanian President shouldn’t just ask for prayers, but act upon it too.

If he needs to travel to Kenya to get treatment. What about the fellow citizen who catches this disease? The virus can hit others as hard as it did to him. Does he care about that? Or is prayers just for the commoner and not for him?

Yes, I don’t want anyone to catch it or get ill, but this is just poetic justice. That the man who has done so little to make it happen. Suddenly he got it too as well. Someone who didn’t take it serious are no ill because of it.

Hopefully, the authorities, the state and everyone running the Republic can take it more serious. As they have downplayed and tagged along. Ministers coughing and drinking from the same cup. The sort of activity that just secures the spread of the virus. Not making sure less people get it and lesser spread of it. Instead, they have ensured the spread of pandemic gets much worse. Also, to further make damage. They have not assessed or followed the spread. God knows how bad it is and how many who got it. Because, the Republic of Tanzania surely has no real idea and is not open about the extent. They are mum about it and that is a worry.

Magufuli hopefully gets cured and can get down to business. Not fool around anymore, but be sincere about it. As he himself got into such a state, that he needed medical treatment in Kenya. That says it all. Something got to happen and he should order his state to act when he returns. Because, his in-action hurt more innocent civilians than ever needed. Just because of his pride and his self belief. That got to stop and hopefully this can be a turn for the better. Peace.

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