Opinion: The Royal Family never learns …

In our day and age, the story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This isn’t the first time a United Kingdom Prince is marrying a socialite. It has happened before and it had ramification last time too. We can either learn from history or repeat it. Nevertheless, in this instance. It seems like the Royalties and Royal Family is continuing similar practice of the past.

What happened to Harry and Meghan happened to someone else in 1936. History reports this: “In France, the duke of Windsor—formerly King Edward VIII of Great Britain and Northern Ireland—marries Wallis Warfield, a divorced American socialite for whom he abdicated the British throne in December 1936” (…) “The new king proved popular with his subjects, and his coronation was scheduled for May 1937. His affair with Mrs. Simpson was reported in American and continental European newspapers, but due to a gentlemen’s agreement between the British press and the government, the affair was kept out of British newspapers. On October 27, 1936, Mrs. Simpson obtained a preliminary decree of divorce, presumably with the intent of marrying the king, precipitating a major scandal” (History.Com – ‘Duke of Windsor weds American socialite’ 02.06.2020).

Well, Prince Harry isn’t the coming King, but the sixth in the line. So, his role in the Royal Family isn’t as vital as King Edward VIII. He was the next in line and would become King. While he instead choose to marry a divorce socialite. He ended up living in exile in France.

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have instead decided to move from the United Kingdom. They have gotten married, a baby (Archie) and later “stepping down as members of the Royal Family”. This all happened within three years. It is a real connection between Harry and Meghan. A love story that conquers all.

This is why its so hurting to know that they are both in pain because of their choice of staying together. Harry moved from the United Kingdom to shield his wife and their baby. He did together with Meghan move to the United States and Canada. This means they are not part of roles and “disconnected” in some way from the rest of the Royal Family.

That they feel the need to do so isn’t weird. The knowledge of how vicious and despicable the British Tabloids are and also how vengeful the royalties are themselves. That is why some says the treatment Meghan is getting is similar to late Princess Diana.

What is tragic is that the Royal Family knows the history of Edward VIII and Princess Diana. These are lives that was changed because of the institution and the way it handles its “new” members. Right now its doing this to Meghan and Harry. They are victims of the old institution and its “ideals”. Instead of being a family, it is a secluded club where only certain people can be accepted and be parts of it.

Meghan doesn’t seem to fit the “profile” and therefore gets the blunt attacks towards her, which nobody deserves. She is a target and someone who is getting this treatment just for being herself. That isn’t fair and the racism shouldn’t be a thing. Neither should Archie be questioned for being a third culture kid. This just shows the intent of the Royal family and also how intolerant it is.

Prince Harry and Meghan did the right thing to leave and “resign” their roles in the Royalties. That couldn’t be easy for Harry and neither for Meghan. However, he did it for love. Just like King Edward VIII abdicated to be the husband to Wallis Warfield. Therefore, we are reliving the past and the royal family have apparently not learned a single thing.

It is like it won’t understand a simple factor of life. If you meet your soul-mate and your significant other. You are willing to risk it all and not caring about the consequences. It is just like they consider the institution more than the family members itself. Instead of seeing the love blossom and promote the relationship between Harry and Meghan. The royal family have only given them the option to split from it.

That is the tragedy here. The Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace could have known better. The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family could have cared about this. Instead, they rather want to shield itself and not even safeguard Meghan from everything. They are accepting the tarnishing words and going after her in a malicious way.

In 1936 an American Socialite rocked the Royalties and in our time another socialite or Hollywood actor is doing the same. Both times the Royal Member left and went to live abroad. This says it all and shouldn’t be a thing in 2021. However, we seem to yet again repeat history and learn nothing from the past. Peace.

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