Ethiopia: Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team – The leaders of Oromo who are on the diet to listen to elders and elders who have ears will decide to stop tomorrow on the 40th day (07.03.2021)

One of the way of peace food is the way of struggle. Especially the people who are arrested by dictatorships are one of the biggest influences of their protest and imprisonment of their government. Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Borana and other leaders have been doing in the history of Empire and in the peace struggle like Africa. This is the one that proved how much Oromo can deal with peace and its purpose again.
In short, the warning of the food is being made for the struggle is below:
1. The long food that doesn’t have competition in Ethiopia is the way of struggle that made the citizens of this country learn well before. This is a lesson to all government officials and people who have been providing horrible criticism.
The struggle of peace in this world is known as long as it is explained:
1. Irom Chanu – 10 years old, Indian strong woman
2. Bhagat Singh – Day 116, Indian citizen
3. Bobby Sands – 66 days, Irish citizen
4. Solange Fernex – 40 days, French born
5. Jawar Mohammed – 40 days, Oromia / Ethiopia
. Bekele Gerba – 40 days, Oromia / Ethiopia
Hamza Borana (Adane) – 40 days, Oromia / Ethiopia
6. Cesar Chaves – 36 days, Mexican citizen
2. In the situation of politics and war in northern Ethiopia, this world has made it difficult for me to get media clothing, when the cloth is only one side, the world is focused on Oromo’s politics.
3) The international and national human rights organizations and government of the world have impacted many people’s rights due to this war. Political prisoners should be released and they are also presenting a strong message to the government.
4) by attracting international medias, the issue of Oromo has made a decision to get political superiority. Even if Oromo leaders don’t answer their question, they have won by politics.
5) How much human rights criticism is being ruled by Ethiopian government, especially the order of the court to be banned from trial, is exposed what is on the body.
In general, the question of Oromo leaders should be answered when the time has passed because it is time to look at the strategy of struggle. The question of political prisoners should be released and the office of political parties should not be answered because of this reason our parties have decided to be pushed out of this election. The aim of eating food is not to lead the way of peace, but to kill oneself in this way, so the elders and elders have decided to go again and again and give great respect and respect after following the 40th day of food. Oromo will continue making history, the day the rule of law will come to be respected.

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