Ethiopia: Abiy wants the young generation to sacrifice itself for his war(s)….

I ask you today that by keeping your ears, your hearts and your minds sane, you must take pride in sacrificing yourself in honour of your country and be a source of hope for the younger generation. The national army and the federal police are seeking young Ethiopians to join them. You must know there are forces from near and far that want to destroy Ethiopia and we need to build our strength urgently” – Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy (06.03.2021).

The endless suffering, atrocities and horrific stories are coming out from Tigray region. Where the state and allies are continuing warfare against their outlawed enemy. This is a continued conflict, which seems to be his forever war. Where the National Army, Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” and Eritrean Army is all going after the Samri and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The state wants its own narratives and stories out. While always dismissing any other reporting. However, here its straight out of the horses-mouth yesterday. Where the Prime Minister told youths who was done with first part of Service Training at the Friendship Park in Addis Ababa. That they should prepare the sacrifice themselves for the nation. They are the ones who are being sent to the slaughter for his mission and his end-game. That is the reality of this all.

He says all of that, while dismissing social media as a platform for activism. Because, a true patriot and a youth aspiring to stand up for nation is doing it with the guns either for the or the police force.

As he said this as well:

There are many young people who prefer to fight in the Facebook. You can’t safeguard our independence via Facebook. Unless you are ready to pay a price and sacrifice yourselves, you can’t protect Ethiopia’s Independence and ensure its continuity through mere writing and saying things in Facebook. You have to join the army and the police force and show our enemies that they cannot mess up with Ethiopia” (Abiy, 06.03.2021).

That he says it this way, as the warfare is prolonged and his goal-post is ever moving. At one point he will create new enemies and ensure more of his opponents are behind bars. That is just how things goes ahead of the polls. This Prime Minister will leave nothing to chance and use the whole state machinery to get his way. He will bury the ones in his way and if not detain them.

This is why speeches like this isn’t showing strength or resolve. It is showing that he wants the next generation to fight his battles and die for him. The Prime Minister wants more youths as soldiers and police officers to enforce his will all across the Republic. That is what he wants and he hopes they can fulfil his mission of total control and be crowned King.

Abiy wants to be the Emperor so badly. The Prime Minister wants to be the one who conquers and overcomes everyone. This is why he needs the next generation and the to be his sacrificial lambs. They are doing it for Ethiopia, but initially it is for his causes. These young Ethiopians will risk their lives so he can reign supreme. That is the end-game here.

It is tragic that it has come to this. A warlord asking the youth to conscript to the army or joint the police force. He clearly doesn’t plan for peace, but for more conflict. As he needs more battalions and more soldiers to fight his battles. Peace.

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