Ethiopia: Abiy’s “mother” is concerned about the recent “unrest”

There are some that say we are adding more debt to the country’s already high debt. But borrowing from the IMF and the World Bank is like borrowing from one’s mother” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (December 2020).

The Law Enforcement Operation in the Tigray Region is clearly undermining the positive results of the past. The current Addis Ababa leadership is working against all the financial and economic progress the state has had. The Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy is clearly not doing the World Bank any favours as well.

When the World Bank wrote this yesterday:

Ethiopia is currently facing challenging times and the World Bank Group is keenly following the latest developments in the country. The unrest in Ethiopia is unfortunate and of great concern. Such events undermine all the encouraging economic and social development outcomes the country has achieved in recent years” (World Bank, 05.03.2021).

They are calling the warfare in Tigray and atrocities elsewhere as unrest. As they are subtle about the waging war in Tigray. Also the assault on freedom, political affiliation and liberty in Oromia. The World Bank doesn’t want to say it directly, as they are not seeing stating the efforts to undermine people in the various reasons from the state. This being in Ogaden, Afar, Benshangul-Gumuz, Oromia and Tigray. All these are under fire for various of reasons and with the helping hand of the central government.

That is initially worrying the World Bank as it see the economic and financial sphere being decapitated and depleted, because of the “social unrest” and assault on its own citizens. This is what it really says, as the regions are in conflict with its own government.

Over the past decade, our interventions have helped Ethiopia to make significant progress in key human development indicators: primary school enrollments have quadrupled, child mortality has been cut in half, and the number of people with access to clean water has more than doubled. Notwithstanding these notable accomplishments, Ethiopia still faces many challenges and will need continued support to reach its development objectives to improve the living conditions of its expanding population, which is currently estimated to be in excess of 112 million” (World Bank, 05.03.2021).

Those challenges alone will not cease, when the government is continuing and worsening its internal conflicts like in Tigray. Where they are having direct warfare with its own population in combination of Eritrean soldiers, Amhara Para-Military Forces and the National Army all going after one enemy. While also assaulting the whole region in its efforts. Therefore, whatever achievements that has been done in the past. Might be destroyed to rubble and has to be rebuilt, as the shelling, burning villages and internally displaced people’s needs stability and a new home. Also, the loss of people in the massacres, killings and as a result of the war. There are so many tragedies and the costs will come to the surface when the Law Enforcement Operation ceases to exist.

The Ethiopian government have created new problems and will have prolonged aftermath after all these months in Tigray. They got to rebuild, build trust and ensure the safety of all citizens. That isn’t an overnight act, but a systemic effort. Where the state have to be able to secure the passages, the logistics and everything that is needed. An that is just to that one region alone.

The Prosperity Party isn’t bringing prosperity ironically, but its bringing tragedy instead. Also, in just a short time in office. Prime Minister Abiy have made his “mother” concerned and also being told that he has destroyed the previous achievements of his predecessors. That got to hurt his pride and his ego. Peace.

One thought on “Ethiopia: Abiy’s “mother” is concerned about the recent “unrest””

  1. it would seem to me that Abiy and World Bank/UN knew exactly what lay ahead when funding was agreed. The same thing that happenss every time the World Bank funds ‘development’ schemes in a country. They idea was to set up agribusiness, for which huge swaths of land were required, meaning people needed to be cleared off of the land. This is happening now and where do these people end up? In IDP camps set up, run and funded by the World Bank. Ethnic cleansing under a facade of aid.

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