Ethiopia: These bloodstains will never be forgotten Mr. Abiy [and Mr. Afwerki too]

Since the launch of the Law Enforcement Operation in early November 2020. There been articles, reports and since been recorded massacres, murders and killings of civilians in the Tigray Region. The Federal Government, the National Army, Amhara Para-Miltary Group “Fano” and Eritrean Army have all participated in the destruction, the atrocities and the battles over the region.

Yes, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) shall be accountable for their parts and their activity as well, but the blunt force of accountability and responsibility is on the Head of State and the Federal Government who has more power, friends and allies to destroy the “outlawed” and deemed “terrorist” group the TPLF. Therefore, Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy and President Isias Afwerki have much more weight on their shoulders compared to TPLF President Debretsion Gebremichael.

So, in this regard… the Internally Displaced People, the refugees leaving refugee camps and the tactics of starvations, mass-murder and shelling towns. Are all deliberate acts of the state and its allies to conquer and leave no one behind. They are looting, destroying and silencing anyone. These folks are using all means to get total control and impose an “interim regional government” on the region as well.

The Prosperity Party is sending own soldiers as “peacekeepers” as the Ministry of Peace is enlisting them. The state is using mechanical forces, brigades of Eritrean soldiers to fight their fight and a militia to kill anyone who oppose the new sets of rules. It is now the “Rule of Law Operation” instead of the “Law Enforcement Operation”. Both make it seems like a cause to catch thieves in a den and not conventional warfare, which is happening on the 4th Month with little to no access for humanitarian aid and organizations to help the ones in need. The ones who get can get raided later by the soldiers who is supposed to keep them safe, but instead steal their vital aid.

That is why all the deaths, by the guns, the shelling of mortars or missiles are all on Abiy and Afwerki. These bloodstains, the deceased and the ones is no longer with us. These souls are on their account. It was their responsibility and their orders that was the reason for them losing their lives. A quick and brief operation, which was promised to not take lives. Have not taken thousands upon thousand. We have no idea how many by soldiers, by starvation and by trying to seek refugee in Sudan. We just know that too many have died over the principal of control from Addis Ababa.

This war is one to prove supremacy.. That is it really.

Abiy can claim otherwise and also backtrack the planned efforts in Amhara and airlifting troops to Eritrea ahead of attack on the Northern Command in early November. That is part of the timeline, the state never will really tell, but the drips of information proves it.

They have tried to block information and reports. If anything comes out. The state is debunking and dismiss it. While they asking the world to not accept “disinformation” but they are not accepting anything else published either. So, they only want their vision and not accepting the witnesses who has revealed stories and reports, which the state doesn’t want out.

This is why all massacres, mass-killings and atrocities needs to be revealed. The state will downplay it… but we need to know more. We only have a very limited picture and that is deliberate by the state. They also not accepting the information dropped from other sources than their own. Still, these are saying something and has to be taken into account. Since, they dare to shed lights on the dark side of war. While the state will only say it will “investigate” but the reports will only be pointed at their enemy. Never take accountability or responsibility for their own action. The Prime Minister have already lied and would easily lie again. Therefore, Abiy and Afwerki cannot run away from this, even if we know that they want too.

The leaders doesn’t want to be questioned and that has been clear for so long. Abiy and Afwerki doesn’t want this out, but when it does. It should create an outcry. The amount of horrific actions, which is hidden and been kept in the dark. That is acts that the ones in power orders.

The bloodstains on their hands cannot be washed away. The bloodshed and deaths are all in the hands of the government and their allies. That shouldn’t be forgotten about and needs to be stated.

The hands are red and no sort of cleaner will get it off. They can only tell what happened and who ordered what, but don’t expect that ever to happen. Abiy and Afwerki just want the glory, but don’t want to take the responsibility. The citizens of the Republic can die in the hands of the soldiers, but the King only wants to be praised. Long live the King and his Republic will prevail. Peace.

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