Ethiopia: Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team – On the 33th day of food festival, Jawar Mohammed (01.03.2021)

Federal high court, Ramadan Lidata (Chaffe Tuma) the 1th anti-terrorism and constitutional issues
Jawar Mohammed has been brought to the high court today. They’ve made their face black and white. Anyone who has seen them on tv before will be shocked if they see them today. It doesn’t mean they are drunk, their bodies are finished. It’s scary to see them, (very shocked). Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and Hamza Borana two people can’t go and stand. Mr. Bekele and Hamza can’t sit in a place where they are sitting, but sleeping on a chair. All three of them braided hair. In short it’s hard to describe their situation in words, the situation they are in between death and life.
According to security, the Supreme Court is under high estimate of kilometers radio stations. Finfinnee police, federal police, prison police (two grandkids), ready to shoot firewood, face cover, neck and knee cover, trucks that are arrested on head etc. It is impossible to go to court with a mobile phone. It is not banned by the order of the court by holding a mobile phone but by the order. The people who came to follow the storm were demonstrating outside the park, if it was a long demonstration, it would have been a few people. People who wear yellow clothes were taking them back from court. Some people who get a relationship to enter into prison and don’t see direct prisoners / close to prisoners are forced to sit in place.
It is difficult to explain the situation of Jawar, Bekele and Hamza. No one can see them tears can’t stop. All the situation they are in is clear the determination they have for their people, the vision they have for their nation. They are paying for freedom and equality. Even if they have a problem with their mouth, they will see the decision they have when they speak.
If the attack started asking the prisoners for the prisoners, the attorneys have said that there is no treatment. In a country where there is law, it is saddening to be done to the accused. Lawyers said that the hospital of Landmarkis Qalli is not possible to give treatment. It’s not human things that are not planned on animals. Saving these people’s lives should be found first. All prisoners, family, lawyers, relatives far and near, all supporters who see them are mentally disturbed and can’t say they can’t give an appointment today.
The situation in the hall of ‘Ye Fitih Addarash’ is one of the biggest tragedy and sad. Including the guardians and the judges, everyone was filled with sadness and dark faces. A lot of people couldn’t hold tears in their eyes and couldn’t catch a good night. From attorneys, family, journalists, people who follow and etc were showing tears. Mobile banned from filming these conditions (photos, voice, video) without court order.
The court has asked for a statement from the leaders of Qalli prison due to the lack of operation of Mr. Bekele. They also said that they should leave the letter ‘Telegram’ and take Landmark to Torhaylooch without this and to be told by phone. One agency has shown the letter written by Dr. Gedion Timothyos and signed by telegram to the owners. Let this letter be read for us, let the copy be given to us on record, the lawyers who asked will be welcomed in other way after the court of slaughter.
At the end, the one who commented is Mr. Bekele and Melesa journalist. Mr. Bekele said this with a small water and his mouth is drying his lips and being soft and weak voice:
′′ We have respect for this court, we have seen some of the efforts you have made for the court and not for debate but for the court. You will see us in the situation we are in. Now what I want to say is the one who stopped us from trying to fight is the one called Dr. Gedion Ximotiyo. I have seen the letter he wrote and read the letter from prison that those who left Landmark hospital and took me to Xorhaylooch. The power of thief, robbery, zaranya, took us to the road by force and took me to Torhayiloch has prevented us from trying. We asked to be tested by our own sin instead of fear. Those who took me to Mafia by force and refused to take me back to prison for a long hour after torturing me in Xorhaylooch.
After that, they prevent me from having my eye treatment with this food that I have never been treated before. I will struggle to bring this mafia to justice until my life is alive so I will ask them. A group of Mafia who doesn’t know the rule of law is trying to kill us by poisoning our souls, and the country is in trouble.
We will die by our respect not by the poison of why we are poisoned. Thank you to those who made their home decorated. Police are appointed to protect us at the prison now their job is not only waiting for us. They will take us back to the toilet by taking us to the left and right. May respect and thanks be to them. Now I’m not saying this and I have the ability to. I’m alive in the next appointment because I’m afraid I’ll be alive. Thank you so much. ′′ ” n
Journalist Melesa Dirbsa on his side ′′ we are all tired. After 12 and more days we have started eating without the help of hakima we are exposed to pain. All of us are now with the leaders of the 33th day of the river. There is no difference between the act that is being done on us. So in this situation we can’t say anything today. ′′ I said it.
If the court sentenced Dr. Gedion Timothyos to the office after 10 minutes, because the situation in prison is difficult to give the speech of the prisoners can’t give the other appointment on 06/07/2013 ALH has been caught up with.
Message from this group
All this problem is caused by political differences. Jawar Mohammed is the prisoner of politics. The message we have is that those who live by law and rule of law, those who live by Oromo culture, those who kill each other by Oromo, the leaders of Gada, the religious leaders, the religious scholars, the wealthy, elders, elders, the famous people who trust each other, the party leaders of Gada. Politics, different parts of society you care about people, stop political differences and we won’t tell you to do anything else, go to prison and see what you are in them, then do what your mind ordered. Forget political stand, nation, religion of these prisoners only because you are human go and look at these people. What does man mean, what about man, when is his importance?

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