Ethiopia: Fearing for Oromia after Tessema recent statement

The way to put an end to this is to deal with it like fish… you will not able to gather all the fish of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, to completely get rid of them, you will need to dry the oceans” Fikadu Tessema, Head of Oromia Prosperity Party in yesterdays Oromia State Council meeting

It has been 31 days of hunger strikes of the Oromo leaders detained indefinitely. As there are reports of 50,000 political prisoners in Oromia alone. This being the leaders of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The leaders have been lingering in jail for so long without any substantial trial for the Oromo leaders. They are just persisting keeping them in prison without any evidence and reasons for the charges.

We know that Tessema is an trusted ally of Abiy. As he took over the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and his now the leader of Prosperity Party in Oromia. He seems to follow the orders and ideals of the Prime Minister Abiy.

He said this in Kenya in December 2020:

Because peace is a foundation for everything that we are aspiring to transform the life of our people if we could eliminate Al Shabab and OLF from this region you can see how this people can be transformed into one family, one country and one people” – Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy in Kenya on the 9th December 2020.

Abiy and Tessema seems to plan this and working together to destroy and get rid the Oromo dissidents. They are clearly using the opportunity ahead of the elections to silence them all. This is not new. Since the Prosperity Party have gone after the Oromo leadership steadily. They only made peace for a hot minute to take them down later.

Tessema really wants to go after them and strike them down hard. He will nobody behind. There seems to be no redeeming factor here. The state is willing to take them all. This is the means of their game. If they speak of democracy and tolerance. It is all lies, as they are willing to “empty oceans” to get rid of the fish. That is the sort of play the state does now.

The Prosperity Party and its leadership will answer things with furious fury. We should worry and be worried. As this state is relentless and when it strikes. It doesn’t do it smoothly or soft, but with fierce force and fatalities.

If Tessema gets his way. There will be a bloodshed and the OLF/OFC will be in danger. They will be hit so hard and the state with ruthlessly search for anyone involved or active in these parties. Just to take them down and never let them go.

That is what we can expect and anticipate. We have seen how the state have acted in Tigray and before in Oromia. So, the signs on the horizon is a bloody red moon. It is dangerous times ahead and it will horrific. To think otherwise is naive. As this state and Prime Minister rather get rid of their enemies, than talking to them.

And when allies of him propose these sorts of methods. We should be not cautious, but be alarmed. Because, there is no ending of warfare, conflict and usage of arms towards civilians in the Republic. That will be targeting the parties of Oromia. Even if they have already done so for a long while.

Now will they will strike even harder and that should worry. There is no end to this tyranny. They are just using new means to get rid of the ones who dissent to PP and the PM. Peace.

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