Opinion: Does Gebeyehu know who Museveni is?

I had to come physically and ask for President Museveni’s wisdom in these matters. We want him to mediate in the issue of Somalia and Kenya, but we are also looking at the leadership of IGAD, which is chaired by Sudan. Both Somalia and Kenya are members of IGAD, but now they do not have diplomatic relations. But countries are connected in all ways and a concern for everyone, not just President Museveni, despite being a trusted leader. The other issue is, Ethiopia and Sudan, which are also connected, do not see eye to eye because of a border dispute. We did not expect the tensions to escalate to this level, but it is happening. It is dangerous for the region because if one country is not peaceful, the entire region is destabilised. When we engaged President Museveni, he was happy and took the matter seriously. We are confident that he will deal with the issues diligently” – Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, executive secretary of IGAD on Museveni (Nicholas Wassajja – ‘We want Museveni to mediate regional conflicts, says IGAD boss’ 27.02.2021, New Vision).

A man who always wants to fight and crush. A man who needs to constantly intimidate and warn the public. A man who will deal and destroy people. That is the sort of man the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) wants to appoint and lead mediations.

It is just like Gebeyehu doesn’t know Museveni at all. Like he just reads the gist’s and the friendly headlines, but not see the blunt truth of his actions. A man who is a warlord and general at heart. This man rather kill his enemies, than have a honest dialogue and negotiations with. He either tries to corrupt people or await for the right time to strike with vengeance.

Museveni isn’t a man of peace. He cannot even leave the opposition in peace. They are in a steady limbo and wrecked by either new excessive laws or rampant usage of security organization to strangle them. Therefore, that man who cannot even be at peace with his foes. How can he make peace elsewhere?

General Museveni will only ensure a “fake” peace. Where he helps the stronger party or the ones who he hopes can be an ally to himself. Museveni wants to certify his legacy and be the “kingmaker” of the region. The Pan-African leader of this Generation. Though, he couldn’t even remain friendly with Kagame. He had to create disputes with him too. Even after all their dealings and battles they have fought together. That says a lot about the man Museveni is.

He even breached the Nairobi Accord of 1985. That is the sort of man he is. He just participate to buy time and find a better way out for himself. So, this sort of cunning leader isn’t a peacemaker, but a man of war. His the general you get to ruthlessly ensure someone’s demise and weaken your enemies. Just like he suddenly entered South Sudan as a favour of President Kiir. Therefore, he knows when his useful and can get the upper-hand.

Gebeyehu seems like he doesn’t know or doesn’t want to know. Whatever it is… asking a man of war to make peace seems foolish. This man rather kill and destroy than actually create peace. That is why its strange IGAD thinks of Museveni. Calls him a “trusted leader”.

He can be trusted to back-stab and trick you. Museveni can be the leader who serves a long-con and is able to get away from lightening up a burning hut. While blaming the burning hut on the neighbour. Ensuring the demise of the neighbour and get praise of destroying him. Even if it was Museveni’s fault for burning the hut in the first place. That is the game he play. The man who kills and later says he will compensate, which never happens.

So, you can really wonder. What game does Gebeyehu play? Is this being loyal to a member-state and showing some love. Since, IGAD will not challenge its members. No, they will just be a supporting mechanism and vocal side-piece. The IGAD will not go after or keep them accountable. No, that is not in their best interests. As that hurt their mandate and apparent mission. To be a gatekeeper between the Heads of State and their population. Peace.

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