Ethiopia: Broadcasting Authority Warns International Media before they get into Tigray

On the 24th February 2021 the state gave 7 International Media Houses accreditation to report from the Tigray Region. Where there been warfare since early November 2020. Now after keeping the world in the dark and claiming all reporting as “fake news”. They only want their stories out and not reporting the atrocities happening in Tigray.

That being the stories of the refugees in Sudan, the reporting of foreign forces raping woman and shelling Mekelle. There been so many stories that the Federal Government wants to “debunk” but only wants the positive stories out. Therefore, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority have come out with a warning.

Here is what was said today:

In an exclusive interview with ENA today, EBA Deputy Director-General Wondwosen Andualem said the international media outlets had not been able to cover the situation in Tigray due to land and sea transport disruption” (…) “However, the deputy director-general warned that “the media outlets allowed to travel to Tigray in the first round must work professionally and respect the country’s Broadcasting Proclamation, the constitution and other humanitarian provisions.” Otherwise, the authority will be forced to take corrective measures, he underlined” (FANA Broadcasting Company – ‘Broadcasting Authority Urges Int’l Journalists In Tigray To Respect Law’ 25.02.2021).

The International Media is now warned … and that is after 7 Media Houses was just allowed to enter. Now they are told to follow and that is code: “Report what we say and what we want you tell”. They don’t want them to tell stories, which is hurting the image or ideals of Addis Ababa.

We know that the Federal Government wants a certain stories out. They are already writing letters to any publication writing stories they don’t like. The Embassies and everyone else is involved in back-peddling and “debunking” stories.

That is why they will soon take away accreditation or say its “fake news”. Just like they have not accepted anything the Humanitarian Agencies has said either. When they have written about the lack of humanitarian aid, corridor or even convoys. That is a fact and they wouldn’t say so if it wasn’t truth. UN Agencies and others have no reasons to lie about that.

Still, they want to do whatever they can to sell their stories. That is why we can expect soon as they start to report and tell stories that doesn’t favour the Law Enforcement Operation. Sooner or later, they report or tell a story they don’t want out. Expect them to pull the card of not following Broadcasting Proclamation and be ousted. That will happen… because this government wanted it under wrap and not told. Therefore, if nobody else calls it.

I do. Since we all knows it happens eventually. Peace.

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