Opinion: Kalonzo strikes back at Odinga

Just as the preparations for the 2022 elections are re-appearing as an ever present gift that keeps giving in the Republic. It is just 2 days after Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Raila Odinga called the Co-Principals “disloyal” and “untrustworthy” as they didn’t show up at his Swearing-In ceremony in January 2018. However, he betrayed the same ideals by doing the handshake in March 2018. When he discontinued and left the National Super Alliance (NASA) to restructure himself with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

That is why today’s Press Statement and Presser from Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) leader Stephen Kalonzo Mysoka is interesting. Kalonzo is a man who has the ability to join any ship and able to find a shelter. That is what he does and that is why his been called a “watermelon”. Still, his retort to ODM and Odinga is on point. Proving his capacity and maybe the reason why Kenyatta made him an envoy as well. Since, he know this man has a history and able to tell a story. That is what he did today.

Odinga and ODM might not like this. Because, Odinga want to be the branded righteous ‘Baba’. The ‘Father’ and the next in line. His the one who never became President, but his the one who should be default. That storyline has been played out for years and that’s why he sworn himself as ‘People’s President’. Still, what should be mentioned is how Odinga have breached the 2013 MOU of CORD. How he jumped the line with the NASA Presidential Candidate and now ushering himself as the next-up after Kenyatta in 2022. That is why his trying to brand Kalonzo and others as ‘disloyal’.

However, they we’re wrong in January 2018, but Odinga was disloyal in March 2018 himself. That is something Odinga and ODM will never say. Because, that undermines the ideals and the supposed “golden standard” he has himself.

Kalonzo still strikes back with something grander than that: “It is common knowledge that Hon. Odinga has been betraying political allies with abandon, right from his association with the National Development Party and KANU in 2001, right through to the Pentagon in 2007/2008, to CORD, and now, NASA. It is this mistrust and dishonesty that is depriving Hon. Odinga of his national outlook and support. Before the 2013 General Election, Hon. Odinga beat his chest as a disappointed Hon. William Ruto walked away from him, only for the 2013 results to reveal that Hon. Ruto had actually ran away with the Kalenjin voting block!” (WDM, 24.02.2021).

If you thought that was bad enough, he slings one harder one:

Bottomline: Things will never be the same for Hon. Odinga. At the moment, he has earned the moniker of “Mr. Dishonest”. Additionally, he has cast himself as an extremely self-centered man who will get into power by hook or crook. He is a man who is extremely untrustworthy — a man who cannot keep promises. How can Kenyans trust such a man to be their President? For a man who cannot keep his word while in Opposition, how will he keep it while in power as President? Who will trust him?” (WDM, 24.02.2021).

Here he says it with a straight face. There is no underlining message. The memo is in the open. Just as he shows back to further than 2013. Kalonzo went back to 2001. That is 20 years of defaulting alliances of Odinga. Clearly, there is a reason for all of this. Just as there is a reason for changing camps for Kalonzo. Kalonzo have history of switching teams himself. However, he was loyal to CORD and NASA. To deny that is dumb now. Even as he lied and dropped out one day. But we have seen what happened to Miguna Miguna and proves how damaging it was to other. Nevertheless, Odinga betrayed that oath only to favour the BBI. This is why I get Kalonzo. Even if he is a melon and a switcher himself. His points are reasonable and shows a pattern.

Kalonzo have been part of KANU, NARC, CORD and NASA. So, he has switched sides when it has been beneficial for him. He has seen Odinga and worked with him as well. They got history together. Now, that Odinga and ODM went for the Co-Principals. This was a genuine response from him . Give credit where credit is due. This was a decent response and Odinga better think of another way forward. Because, his position is at play and he wants to be King. It is just a matter of how he finesses himself ahead. Now, his ditching NASA/CORD allies, which is because of his enriching agreement with Jubilee. That is how it seems.

Kalonzo doesn’t shred any tears, but has his knives out. Peace.

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