Opinion: A pimp named Kembo

“Pimp-pimp hooray

Pimp-pimp hooray


Pimp-pimp hooray

Pimp-pimp”Kendrick Lamar – “Untitled No. 2” (06.23.2014).

We know that this world can be rough. We know that there are dangers in this world. There are the good guys and the bad guys. You have the hustlers, the pimps and the gentlemen. You never know who you meet and what posses the person that you meet. However, there are some ground rules to this here game.

Vice President of Zimbabwe Kembo Mohandi will go down as a pimp. He is the P.I.M.P and was inspired by 50 Cent and G G G Unit. Who knows, maybe he listed to Too $hort and E-40. Whatever he did. He surely thinks more with his pecker then with his head.

There are now four different woman who has affairs with the VP. Some of which was already married. One student who got paid of her tuition, if she slept with him. Another one he wanted to have in the office and another one he wanted to do stealth or raw. This old man has no scruples when it comes to sex. He just wants to go down and doesn’t care as long as he gets a sympathetic crotch to cry on.

I would expect this of a younger man. A man who is a student and has nothing to lose. A man who is just trying to score as much as possible. This is some pimping shit. However, the VP has an office and is supposed to have integrity. It seems he uses the office to allure woman and with his position get into their pants. It seems like he loves the attention and only seeks for comfort in sheets and nothing else. He is acting like a predator and a sex-addict.

He seems like his more focused to score, than to govern. This for a man in this high position and office. A Vice-President isn’t something easily to go by. You shouldn’t get there on limp, but because you have abilities and capabilities to govern. However, this man seems focused on banging chicks by any means possible. Kembo wants to be the PIMP.

This man wants to be known for his side-dishes. The VP wants to be apart of the click of Uncle Snoop and the Dogg Pound. We just know that. That is how we can perceive his actions. The phone-calls and his attitude. It is all about hitting the third-base and calling it a day’s work.

We can wonder how many more woman will come out of the woodworks. How many more woman he has done this too and if it will ever have consequences. Because, he clearly only sees woman for one thing. It isn’t to build relations, but to drop a load-off. He just wants to skeet-skeet-skeet and move-on. Like the PIMP he is. That is not what you expect of his rank or his office. No, we expect more, but that seems too much to ask. Peace.

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