Opinion: Farmaajo’s risky delay

The term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo official term is ending tomorrow on the 8th February 2021. There been negotiations on how the elections was supposed to be held. The Dhusamareb Summit haven’t settled the differences and the uncertainty is now a thing.

The President who is running out of time is planning to settle. As he has a decree from last year saying he doesn’t have to step until the next one is sworn-in. That means he plans to rule without an official mandate. As there is no election to get another President elected. The opposition and also Puntland state are saying they will not recognize him as the Head of State. Therefore, a stalemate is on the horizon. A self inflicted political crisis, but the President blames everyone else.

It is seems like that is his card to play. It is either foreign interference or blaming someone else. That is what Farmaajo have to offer. The political uncertainty and doubts ahead isn’t showing strength for his leadership. A man who cannot settle this ahead of the polls and before the deadline. Instead, his pushing it to the end and not having solved the matters.

You can wonder what sort of play he wants or if he fear the inevitable. Many wants to send him packing and not have him in-charge. While others calls him the best President.

Farmaajo has nothing good ahead of him now. Yes, he has a decree or a document allowing him, but that is for legal scholars to spell out. Also, the constitutional right to await the next candidate. It is just like the President hopes he can run out of time and rule without an election. Just so he can copy the Prime Minister of Addis Ababa. That is how it seems. Have his own “unelected” term and still being in power.

Everyone will aim at him and the ones being Presidential Candidates will go after him. Now, the allies he has will either shield him or go after him too. As this political crisis all self-inflicted and it doesn’t help to blame everyone else.

President Farmaajo cannot run away from this. He has been able to get rid of others before. Now, the same mechanisms might get rid of him too. The President isn’t a superior being, but yet another one.

He has risked so much and with this his gambling it all. Instead of using all the negotiations and meetings. The President has instead bullied himself to a corner. Farmaajo didn’t want to make electoral reforms or ensure a smooth transition. No, he wanted to ensure chaos. So, that he can hopefully get on top again.

Nevertheless, that is risky not only for Farmaajo, but for Somalia too. Farmaajo is risking Villa Somalia and the Parliament too. Just because he couldn’t settle the score with all the stakeholders. Like he will like it as a “caretaker” and not official. With that role, the agreements and decrees written should be temporary, unless it is about the upcoming polls. The election he couldn’t fix.

It is just like Farmaajo hopes he can buy time and get rid of enemies along the way. Who knows, but this is risky. Expect months to go and questions in the air. This will not happen quickly. If it had mattered to Farmaajo, it would have been fixed already.

He will blame others and outsiders too. That is what he has… but if it is enough for another term. That is something time will tell. Peace.

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