Ethiopia: A “Superior Order” intervened in the Court Case of Jawar Mohammed et. Al.

This is the sort of news that the Federal Government don’t want to have out. The sort of reporting that hurt the pride of the state. As this proves what sort of fashion that is happening in the courts. Where the political prisoners are kept behind bars and not getting justice. Because, the system is working against them. This is reported in regards to the Oromo leaders and activists behind bars. Still, the same could happen elsewhere too.

The Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is the ones with the “Superior Order” that controls the Court room. That is why they are lingering behind bars. While that is happening, the Oromo leaders behind bars is currently on the 8th day of hunger strike.

The Judge said he too was instructed, “not to come to the courtroom with a mobile phone.” The Judge went on to say that the police had told them that a superior order had been issued to restrict the use of cell phones because information were being leaked. Dejene Tefa, then asked for permission and was allowed to make a speech. “You did this as you were instructed by the so called ‘superior order’ not to bring in your cell phone. If so, what is our guarantee that we will not be sentenced to death tomorrow by you in way of executing the superior order?” Who is that superior? Who is in charge of the courtroom? Who will preside over the hearing and other related questions raised and the Judges gave ‘answer’” (Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team – ‘Today’s Outrageous Scene – During Jawar Mohammed et al. – Political Show Trial: ‘A Superior Order’’ 05.02.2021).

The Federal Government clearly don’t want to release the Political Prisoners. They want to bar them from the up-coming election and stopping their candidacies. That is why they are still barred behind bars and they will not have the ability to participate in elections. The state is keeping them there on frivolous charges, because they can and the next court date on the 1st March 2021.

We cannot expect the case to be solved. They will not be released as they are kept there arbitrary arrested and without evidence. If they had the evidence of the so-called criminal conspiracy. They would have sentenced them and proven the cases months ago. However, this is prolonged because the “Superior Order” is saying so. Peace.

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