Opinion: The elites will not cry out but they will bash in glory

In the recent days there is a proof that certain individuals doesn’t care or speak out against the human rights violations, the taking away people’s constitutional rights and taking away their freedom. The activists and foreign journalists are calling out the “drones” or the “Panda Gari’s” but the elites and the ones winning in the system is more afraid of the image of the Republic. They don’t worry that citizens are behind bars for political affiliations, arbitrary arrested, abducted, kidnapped, tortured and possibly killed in the name of the state.

This here only shows that Fabiola and Sheilah Gashumba is living in a bubble. They are spreading the vision of Visit Uganda and speaking willingly of MTV African Music Awards in Kampala. That would be fine and dandy, but do you remember how Bobi Wine and other local artists was blocked for holding concerts, because of their political affiliation?

Well, that was only last year. Now it matters more that DJ Khaled is participating and the spotlight is on a moment shedding event. Because, people are not supposed to use these moments to cry havoc and speak out of the ills of society. These are to be separated. Surely, Omah Lay and Tems surely meet the humble officers after their concert too.

We are clearly seeing that Fabiola and Gashumba rather see the wonderful wonders of the Republic. Yes, Uganda is a beautiful country with hospital and kind people. However, its government is despicable and a military junta with no favours asking. That is two things that co-exists and the elites rather wants the pictures of Murchinson Falls, instead of the tear-gassing of Bobi Wine. That is just the mere reality and proven by how they operate in defence of the MTV MAMA’s.

The elites should be on the forefront defending human rights and the rights of the ones who isn’t as entitled or having the means you have. However, you decide instead to stand on the pedestal and use rhetoric of “imperialism” and “Neocolonialism”. Which is always a rich idea, when the ones using the MTV MAMA to light the spotlight on the issues. They are using a popular event and international TV Channel to expose it to a grander audience. Something these elites should know well, since they use their platforms to give publicity to anyone paying them. Yes, we know and you know.

I don’t expect magic from the elites, but they should use their mind on bigger things than their pockets. However, greed is a virtue and it shows. They rather have all the glitter and glamour, than actually show the bitter truths about how state operates. They rather want people to speak in a vacuum and not getting their stories told. Because, we are just supposed to be happy that an international event is happening. Not that people are disfranchised, silenced and taken away with no legal justification. That should worry the elite, because who knows when one of them get into the same worm-hole.

Right now the ones wearing red, associated with the red and supporting Bobi Wine is the ones who gets into trouble. That is a mere reality and its tragic. The elites will always bash in glory and sing psalms of wealth, but they could use their good for something greater. But in 2021 that is asking too much. Peace.

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