South Sudan: R-JMEC Report worried about slow implementation of R-ARCSS

The Reconstituted Joint Monitoring & Evaluation Commission (RJMEC) is sending worrying signals of the state of affairs in South Sudan. Yes, there is peace and there are slow progress. Still, the limbo and indefinite transition period is worrying. There is implications to the slow-down process and progress from the government.

RJEMC is only dropping these assessments to show how the state is slow in authorizing changes and securing measures of new national and temporary bodies. These are put in place to ensure all stakeholders are involved and have their place n accordance with the R-ARCSS. That is clearly a hectic stance and work for the government, but the ones leading and in-charge knew this. They accepted the agreement and know the stipulations in the deal. Therefore, they should continue to implement and follow the articles, which they have signed under.

Just read these two passages from the RJEMC Report!

The slow pace of implementation of the R-ARCSS is accompanied by a number of attendant risks and challenges. These include growing defections and intercommunal violence, which could destabilise the permanent ceasefire; insufficient resources devoted to the training and redeployment of the NUF, with the potential to derail unification; failure to complete the RTGoNU at all levels of government; and a prolonged delay in establishing the TNLA and Council of States, which could result in the inability to pass meaningful legislation critical to the success of the Agreement” (RJEMC ON THE STATUS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE REVITALISED AGREEMENT ON THE RESOLUTION OF THE CONFLICT IN THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN – 1st October to 31st December 2020, Published: 26.01.2021).

With almost a year having being expended during the Transitional Period, the RTGoNU is still struggling with completion of outstanding Pre-Transitional tasks and in particular that of graduation and redeployment of the NUF, and reconstitution of the TNLA and the COS. What was originally intended to be a forty-five-day training exercise turned into a more than 14-month ordeal to date for the unification of forces. Of growing concern is the chronic shortage of food and medicines and the increasing number of forces leaving the camps in search of food” (RJEMC ON THE STATUS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE REVITALISED AGREEMENT ON THE RESOLUTION OF THE CONFLICT IN THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN – 1st October to 31st December 2020, Published: 26.01.2021).

We should worry about these risks, as the way the stakeholders are playing with this. It is soft measures and not making decisions. Neither holding direct talks and opening the transitional bodies. There are still not a TNLA and other bodies, which is needed for the state to continue to build a state. If the government wants the state to be procedural and a rule of law intended state. They need a legislative body and a permanent constitution, which haven’t been in place. They continuing the stalemate and that should worry.

The TGoNU haven’t acted righteous in this. The President and his cabinet should have enacted and secured the bodies to be established. Just so they could move-on from this temporary stalemate and uncertainty, as the President is so easily making decrees in favours of himself. That is why he should really start to build the state. It will cost him power, but will also make him remembered for something good. It is harder to build a state, then wage war. That is just follow human history and we all know that.

If the President and his party wants to be remembered for peace. They better start implementing the R-ARCSS in a greater speed. They are clearly causing new issues and challenges as time prolongs it. The TGoNU needs to listen to this… and they should steer the wheels ahead. It did act upon vital parts in December 2020 and it got to continue.

Yes, a prolonged transition is better than war. Everything is better than war. Let’s just have that straight. Still, the President and everyone around him needs to act like this R-ARCSS is important and actually want to make it happen. Not just prolong it and extended the temporary state. That will not create a state and government worth governing. The President knows this and they needs to create procedures and state organs that actually work. That isn’t easy, but that is the task he has in his hands. If he succeeds … then he has made it better for the next generation and he shouldn’t let that opportunity go. Peace.

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