The Panda Gari’s is back: Gen. Museveni is rehashing the era of 1971 to 1985

Since about mid-2020 it have become more common to read stories, hear tales of witnesses and people saying loved ones have been abducted in the night. People are taken from out of nowhere by either armed personnel, police officers or other state agents. These folks are taken to unknown locations for days, weeks and even months. The individuals are either returning to the surface tortured or sickly, if not dead without any investigations or answers to why it happened.

This is all happening to Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine supporters, mobilizers, activists or even political candidates. They have gone after people associated with People Power Movement and the National Unity Platform (NUP). These have been taken from all parts of Buganda. They are just seeing the van and taken away. They are incommunicado and the authorities cannot say anything or have intelligence on the matter. It is a darkness over the republic, as they are accepting this to happen. This has also happen to boxers and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who has served the same fate.

Here is how it was done before Museveni’s tenure, but clearly his been inspired by the efforts made by the predecessors.


The Commission took a person to have disappeared if that person was arrested, seized, abducted, kidnapped, taken or detained by the military, police or other security agents or agencies, and had never been seen again, alive or dead. The phenomenon of disappearances was virtually unknown in Uganda between 1962 to 1970. During the 1966 crisis, a number of people from or near the Mengo palace disappeared, never to be seen again. It is presumed that they were killed in what came to be known as the “Battle of Mengo”. Disappearances because a common phenomenon in Uganda between 1971 and 1985” (Pamphlet – Summary of Report of Commission of Inquiry into Violating of Human Rights – Pearl of Blood, October 1994).

Panda Gari:

“Panda Gari” are two Swahili words literally meaning board the vehicle. It was a system under which the army or police, in swoops, collected people in large numbers from an area forced to board vehicles and transported them elsewhere for purposes of identifying whether or not they were anti government rebels or sympathizers” (Pamphlet – Summary of Report of Commission of Inquiry into Violating of Human Rights – Pearl of Blood, October 1994).

What is worrying to me.. that there is just some small posts on Facebook and not collected. That each and everyone is forgotten in the trail of spin. The state is busy preoccupying the space with other news. While the citizens are kidnapped, abducted, arbitrary arrested and even extra judicial killings of them without any warrants, charges or even taken to court.

We have no idea about the extent of this. There is already so many in Bobi Wine’s team behind bars and Court Martial as civilians say it all about this regime. The state is also using several of state security agencies and ungazetted safe-houses to detain and torture civilians.

There should be an outcry, investigation into it and take down the ones ordering it. The ones who are in-charge and makes it possible. The state is doing this to its own. When they can it to their own. What is the next extent and what is the next effort to take control and silence critics?

When they can re-issue the Panda Gari’s, what else can they do next? This is horrific and tragic… it is a need to collect the whole tragedies together to show the world the sinister extent of this. As I see various of numbers, but each number is a person. That is important to remembered, someone who was loved and cared for. Someone who was aspiring and maybe only wanted to see positive change for the Republic. That is so costly, they are destroyed by the state and even killed. That is why each and everyone one of them should be named. Written and published. So, they can use these abductions, kidnappings, torture- and extra judicial killings to prove how bad the state is.

It is needed. It is a about time. This is so evil… Peace.

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